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  • HANA - HANA is SAP’s cutting-edge in-memory reporting solution which allows your organization to leverage its big data with blazing-fast speed. Salient BI is an experienced services leader in this new technology. 
  • Data Warehousing & ETL - Reap the full benefits of your organization’s data without impacting performance on your business-critical operational systems. Salient BI can help you source, clean and structure your data so that your BI tools can be maximally effective. 
  • Content Design & Analysis - Whether content is intended for internal or external audiences, compelling and insightful reports that satisfy the given requirements are always the end goal. Salient BI can help you at every step. 
  • Business Objects Platform - SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise is the platform that ties together most of SAP’s BI offerings. Salient BI’s consultants have been implementing and customizing BOE for almost a decade and can help you build an efficient, robust BI platform. 
  • BI Strategic Services - Trust is permanent, but consultants are meant to be temporary. We are experts not only in lending technical expertise but also in enabling an organization to be successful on its own in its BI pursuits – both strategically and operationally.
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