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Why use Report Analyzer?

Key differentiators & advantages of Report Analyzer

  • Report Maintenance - For developers who inherit reporting projects, Report Analyzer 's documentation database is a valuable tool for quickly coming to terms with the database and report designs.
  • Change Management - For developers working on large reporting projects, Report Analyzer 's powerful search feature allows you to determine all reports affected by database changes in a timely manner. Project managers can quickly assess the impact of such changes and provide reports to the developers for reports affected.
  • Design Quality - Report design quality can also be improved using Report Analyzer 's analysis suggestions. Common design issues for SQL and Record Selection Formulas are checked for and documented. A review of these suggestions before releasing your reports can improve the report quality and performance.
  • Knowledge Transfer - In organisations where different consultants are hired to develop reports, Report Analyzer facilitates knowledge transfer between consultants/developers.
  • Documentation and Specifications - System documentation can be delivered in a timely, consistent and cost effective manner. You can produces database dictionaries and report design documents profiling data sources, report fields, formulas, SQL code, section design information, blue prints and more with the capability to export them in a variety of formats.
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