Benefits and Insights

Why use PlaidCloud Analyze?

Key differentiators & advantages of PlaidCloud Analyze

  • Collaborate, delegate, accelerate!
    • Collaborate by dividing up work among those who know it best and then reassemble. 
    • Do less. Streamline by delegating heavy lifting and mundane work to PlaidCloud power tools. 
    • Get out of the spreadsheet jungle and use tools that scale with your business.

  • Your data is never out of reach
    • Bring disconnected data sources together. 
    • Integrate data sources without writing code. 
    • Supercharge traditional ETL processes by making them more flexible, transparent, and manageable. 
    • PlaidCloud Analyze makes working with and combining data from different sources seamless.

  • Design. Build. Deploy!
    • Manage files across environments. 
    • Schedule workflows. 
    • Coordinate both internal and external processes.

  • Explore data using established industry standard tools.
    • Connect to your data and control workflows directly from your desktop. 
    • Build dashboards on the web or in Microsoft Excel using PlaidXL. 
    • Work with your data and analysis real-time using iPython notebook integration.

  • Advanced data analysis features 
    • Manage hierarchical data and dimension members across datasets. 
    • Use allocation transforms to perform cost and profitability analysis. 
    • Update team members via automated notifications and workflow dashboards.

  • Designed for collaboration and integration 
    • PlaidCloud supports business analysts and data scientists without the need for IT support. 
    • Data, models, and results can be shared or restricted using role-based security. 
    • Production-harden your prototype by integrating and sequencing models.
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