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Key differentiators & advantages of Periscope Data

Visit for updates on the latest new features. Updates in 2018 include: 
  • SQL, Python and R Together – Data teams can now complete far more analysis in less time by transforming data in SQL, performing complex statistical analyses in Python or R, then visualizing, collaborating and reporting on the results — all without leaving Periscope Data's analytics platform.
  • Data Engine – Periscope Data's next-generation analytics warehouse integration that will help data teams achieve faster query performance and data ingestion at scale for any kind of workload, regardless of concurrency, data volume or query complexity. Data Engine helps bypass the most challenging but important steps in the ETL process, allowing customers to optimize their workflow and remain agile. Periscope Data customers will be able to choose whether to process their workloads on Snowflake or on Redshift, with more options being added in the coming months.
  • Data Discovery – New visual data discovery capabilities. The Periscope Data Platform now provides business users with direct access to current data sets, curated by their data analysts and data scientists and customized by line of business. This allows non-technical users to access data on-the-fly without any proprietary markup languages or data modeling.
  • Git Integration – this integration provides data professionals with complete control over their analytics environment, offering a sophisticated version control system, release management workflows and file-level access to user-generated content that can be synced, edited, created and deleted through Git.
  • User Management API – The new User Management API is a standard RESTful API for Create, Read, Update, and Deprovision operations, making it easy to automate provisioning and permissions for your users.

Other existing features and benefits of Periscope Data include: 
  • Periscope Data "model-as-you-go": Periscope Data uses its own model-as-you-go feature which enables business users to answer critical questions instantly and also offering the flexibility to quickly evolve and answer new questions. 
  • No Upfront Modeling or New Languages: Users explore data and create charts immediately without the need of upfront modeling. Users can create datasets in an easy and simple language such as SQL that data analysts already know.  
  • Periscope Data's native connectors & ETL partners: With the help of Periscope Data's native connectors and ecosystem of ETL partners, user easily connect to all of their data and bring it together in a single platform to power insightful analysis and insights. Periscope's Strategic Partners are Amazon Web Services and Amazon SageMaker. Periscope Native Connector in Data Warehouse include Amazon Redshift, MySQL, BigQuery, Snowflake, SQL Server, Vertica, Exasol, Qubole, Athena, MemSQL and PostgreSQL and in Data Sources include Amplitude, Oracle, Presto, Salesforce and Segment. 
  • Data discovery: Periscope Data lets users to instantly explore data and build dashboards to answer critical questions without the need of programming. It also allows business users and their teams to access the data quickly to able to discover actionable insights, easily explore data, perform basic aggregations, create rich visualizations and share dashboards using a visual drag-and-drop interface. 
  • SQL Editor: Periscope Data offers powerful functionalities such as formatting, query revision history, autocomplete and universal syntax helpers which enables user to go from query to answer in seconds. Periscope Data facilitates user to store used code frequently to a common library with Snippets. 
  • Ad-Hoc Query tool: Periscope Data features the Ad-Hoc Query tool to help its own user address different types of queries more efficiently. Periscope is designed so that user can handle complex data analysis with ease. A user is able to create data models through this query tool.
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