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Why use OdinText Analytics Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of OdinText Analytics Software

  • Other than verbatim concepts, sentiment OdinText can also identify and track various emotions. Depending on the data up to 40 different psychological attributes such as “anger”, “fear”, “trust” etc. can be used to better understand customer concerns. 

  • OdinText helps you visualize your data in tables and charts including more advanced co-occurrence web charts. You will NEVER see a “word cloud” in OdinText as we have found these to be completely meaningless. You can easily drill down to the actual record level from anywhere in OdinText, and any tables can be exported into excel at the click of a button. 

  • OdinText is used to understand what different segments of customers are talking about as well as how this is changing over time. OdinText makes it easy to understand what is driving various outcomes by allowing you to understand what drives various target variables such as customer satisfaction, up or down and by how much. 

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