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  • Real-time Visualizations: With Looker, visualizations are built on real-time data direct from the source. The visualizations are interactive and allow drill-downs from the visualization into row-level detail. The product comes with an expansive library of visualizations including Sankey and chord diagrams, sunburst and spiderweb charts, heatmaps, treemaps, funnel visualization and many more. 
  • Advanced Time Zone Handling: Looker efficiently manages different data being logged in different time zones at different times in the data model. Time zones can be customized on the front end to reflect user time zone, query origin time zone, or any other required time zone. 
  • LookML Data Modelling Language: LookML is Looker's proprietary, SQL based data modelling language. It enables users to create reusable and extensible data models. Users can define business logic and keep it organized by using views and models. LookML allows for transform and derivation of data on demand unlike the traditional approach is to transform the data as it’s loaded (ETL). 
  • Virtual Schema and Direct Connection: Looker employs a virtual, code-based, query-time schema for data aggregation and the data aggregate is always fresh and secure because Looker maintains a direct and live connection to more than 35 SQL databases instead of using data extracts or parallel data pipelines. 
  • Pre-built code for analytics: Looker Blocks™ are pre-built and customizable code blocks that can be used as a starting point to build the data analytics model. Looker Blocks™ include optimized SQL patterns, pre-built data models, custom visualizations and more. 
  • Embedded Analytics: "Powered by Looker", Looker's embeddable solution with SSO, can be deployed into third-party applications as an embedded iframe or using Javascript and empower the applications with reliable data, dashboards, and actionable self-service analytics.

Looker Data Platform Reviews

The following reviews for Looker Data Platform are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms such as Capterra, Software Advice, Gartner Peerinsights, PC Mag and G2 Crowd.

Food & Beverage
Taking Business Intelligence to the next level
Looker have done what most BI tools are missing, they managed to create a tool that can be used both for nice visualizations, but also to do deep data analysis. I love how everything is flexible, and its always possible to explore your data a step deeper.
Im still missing some flexibility compared to do data analysis in pure SQL and Excel. The price is in the high end compared to the competitors
Software / IT
Amazing experience
Ease of use and amazing customer support are by far their best selling features. As a developer it's invaluable to have someone right away to help you with your problem, saving a lot of time and patience Looker allows the entire company to be able to utilize the data platforms we have without a strain on the data analyst resources.
There are some limited functionality when it comes to the direct sql manipulation in the backed in conjunction with the sql derived tables It seems most explores are very specific to teams and therefore new users sometimes get confused where to start looking and how to go about finding the answers to their questions.
Other Services
$11M - $50M
Good close collaboration. Support really well and good agreement on pricing
Good close collaboration. Support really well and good agreement on pricing
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