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Why use Logi Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of Logi Analytics

  • Connected Data Sources : Logi Info, a product of Logi Analytics supports establishing connections with many data sources such as OLTP sources like Microsoft SQL and Oracle and new advanced data sources like Hadoop, NoSQL, and SaaS and API-based data sources that reside in the cloud. The product has the ability to connect with an organization’s existing databases. Its data connectors offer both read-only connections and write-back connections encouraging users to code and update data. This helps them to create robust, intelligence-giving application that provides accurate numbers and information to enterprise users. 
  • Branded User Experience : The product enables users to combine pre-built objects and elements that accelerate app building and facilitate the creation of a differentiated solution. 
  • Integrated Security : The product has excellent data-level and user-specific data security. The product works well with whatever security services an organization already employs. It reduces companies expenses for advanced security, companies can simply utilize their existing security frameworks. 
  • Code-Level Customization : The product provides users with total control over the style, design, and functions of their applications facilitating companies using the product can make their applications truly their own. They can customize it in a number of ways, including through custom themes, CSS, JavaScript, third-party controls, and plug-ins. 
  • Scalable Design : The product is built to adapt to on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments, meaning that enterprises can be flexible and that the application can adapt to their present hardware, software, and server resources to avoid additional expenditures. 
  • Easy to use and excellent customer and technical support : The product is very easy to use especially for rapid development and its support team is always ready to help whenever the service is needed
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