Benefits and Insights

Why use Lavastorm Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of Lavastorm Analytics

  • Self-Sufficiency Lavastorm empowers business analysts with instant access to detailed data so they can answer new questions or rapidly build analytic applications with minimal dependence on IT. 

  • Agility Lavastorm allows business analysts to combine data from any source and create or change data structures and business logic 10x faster than traditional analytic tools and technologies such as SQL and spreadsheets. 

  • Transparency Our visual software documents and reveals all data and analytic logic, allowing analysts to validate and improve trust in results. 

  • Accuracy Lavastorm gives business analysts unbounded freedom to apply as many rules to as many data sets as necessary to expose elusive anomalies, outliers or patterns and deliver superior results. 

  • Continuous Business Control Lavastorm’s software can continuously analyze data in near real-time and automatically adapt detection logic based on results to ensure compliance, uncover business improvement opportunities, and guard against risks. 
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