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Why use icCube – Embedded Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of icCube – Embedded Analytics

  • Data analytics & reporting: It specializes in making data analytics simpler and more engaging by combining and transforming information from multiple sources such as SQL, NoSQL, Excel, Google, HTTP, AWS, and many more and helps you report on your activities any time, from any device. Developers have access to Java & R from the MDX server which helps them in creating their own widgets making their online reporting possibilities endless. 
  • Big data processing: The advanced platform of the product is ready for big data processing since the product is a multidimensional real-time Analysis Server. It allows predictive analytics and statistical modeling thanks to the native R integration on both server and reporting sides and the direct access to Java and R, from MDX. 
  • Ease of Use: Its functionalities are neatly packed on a friendly interface that caters to the needs of inexperienced users. The software proves to be reliable, stable and flexible enough to meet users' demands. Users could easily connect their data from their software application into the product making it smoothly for their users. 
  • Interactive and highly visual dashboards: It allows end-users to create or edit dashboards themselves and is capable of processing data from multiple sources in real-time to facilitate the process of data discovery. 
  • Combining data from multiple sources: The product is a multidimensional and its advanced Analysis Server can handle large chunks of data The product simplifies analytic processes by bringing data from different sources such as like SQL, NoSQL, Excel, Google, HTTP, AWS and many more. 
  • Embedded analytics: The product’s modern Analytical Server has an advanced ETL layer which is specifically designed to support Big data. The product provides embedded analytics for any program or application and Integration with Enterprise or OEM architectures.

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