Benefits and Insights

Why use Heat Map Explorer (Web Viewer Edition)?

Key differentiators & advantages of Heat Map Explorer (Web Viewer Edition)

  • Enhanced Impact
    The Web Viewer Edition enables you to increase the impact of your critical insights by communicating them rapidly and easily throughout an organization and even to external stakeholders.

  • Improved Alignment
    Publishing heat map visual reports to the web helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

  • Ease of Use
    The Web Viewer Edition allows fully interactive heat map visual analysis to be shared easily throughout the organization by individual authorized users, without the need for extensive training and maintenance.

  • Increase Agility
    Improve business agility through quicker analysis, better decisions and more effective communication.

  • Reduce Risk
    Rapidly identify trouble spots, before they are out of control.

  • Maximize Value
    Ensure that attention and resources go where they bring the best return.

  • Identify Opportunities
    Discover underlying trends that point to high-value opportunities.

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