Benefits and Insights

Why use DALite?

Key differentiators & advantages of DALite

  • Effective Decision Making - The big picture of prediction or impact to business process / strategy can be grasped at a glance when outcome of all scenarios are presented side-by-side. It is then easier to pick the optimal scenario because the decision is backed by wide spectrum of analysis.
  • Business Rules Prototyping - When devising new process / strategy, not all resources - like applications, databases etc - may be ready nor it would be cost effective to do so. The core logic of proposed changes can be simulated using visual Rule Editor; And Rules can be tested before finalizing on either live or legacy data. For example, when revising Sales Rep compensation program new attributes - say products of emerging technology - can be factored in with existing ones (customers geography, order amount); And the variation between the two can be compared.
  • Non-destructive Analysis - Once the data is fetched from the source, it is cached locally. Rest of the analysis occurs within user's machine - in offline mode from the source. Thus data can safely be fetched from live (production) or legacy systems. And the data at the source remains intact. Added benefit of this offline approach is reduced load on server and network.
  • Share & Re-use - All required elements of analysis - datasource connection properties, Ruleset and Filters - are saved as a Workspace with a unique name. And a named Ruleset can be exported or imported. Thus these elements can be written once and re-used by other users, saving time on repetitive tasks.
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