Benefits and Insights

Why use Customer Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of Customer Analytics

  • Drive engagement and relevance: Understand customer behavior across channels and use that insight to engage with customers with relevant messages. You can treat every customer context as a dynamic trigger to intelligently and uniquely respond to customer interactions based on past behavior, like-for-like patterns, and marketing priorities. Engage customers on their smartphones with notifications on promotions and personalized offers 

  • Expand share of wallet: Encourage cross-category cross-brand purchases; uncover non-trivial opportunities to expand range, category and brand penetration, accelerate new product adoption based on an understanding on customer lifestyles and life stages, and behaviors. 

  • Increase basket value: Maximize spend per visit during every real and virtual footfall by negating ‘cherry picking’ behavior amongst loyal customers;; identify underlying category, brand and product adoption propensities and price sensitivity behavior to drive customer-specific up-sell and new-product introduction campaigns. 

  • Reduce churn: Recognize disengagement amongst customers and take proactive actions to mitigate churn risk; predict customers that are likely to churn and identify the right mix of offers and channel strategies to proactively engage with these at-risk customers to regain loyalty.
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