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Key differentiators & advantages of Cornerstone

  • Consistent - Cornerstone preserves all links between data with their sources. Consistently, the same holds for all graphs and analyses objects based on these data. This allows a direct update of the whole Workmap in case of changing data or even switching to different data sources of the same structure. This concept will handle even huge data sets. Your results are always up-to-date with no additional programming or scripting required.

  • Practical - Cornerstone gives you the flexibility to view your data in multiple ways and at different presentation levels. With interactive graphical tools you quickly identify dependencies and correlations in your data and verify your findings with formal statistical methods such as significance tests and confidence intervals. You create meaningful reports inside Cornerstone. Alternatively, you can share your results with other software via the clipboard or common file formats.

  • Smart - Profit from Cornerstone's efficiency second to none! With its smart set of generic tools, you will have available statistical methods and graph types that satisfy the vast majority of engineers’ and scientists’ needs. You can generate graphical outputs directly in presentation quality. The included manuals are truly designed as textbooks which show exactly how to get most out of Cornerstone. This ensures maximum user efficiency and minimum training time.

  • Focus on DoE - Cornerstone has an extra focus on designed experiments (DoE). The DoE implementation of Cornerstone is straight. It largely dispenses with difficult to understand phrases of statistics. So to speak this "reengineering" of statistics allows a much tighter approach with a streamlined user interface. Aspects of experimental design that are irrelevant to engineering are omitted in favor of a more user-friendly guidance.
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