Benefits and Insights

Why use agileWORKFLOW?

Key differentiators & advantages of agileWORKFLOW

  • Orchestrate like a pro - Unlike job schedulers and in-house scripts, agileWORKFLOW provides an intuitive visual configuration interface, and the ability to interconnect natively with popular Business Intelligence applications.

  • Easy to manage  - With agileWORKFLOW you can easily integrate and sequence all your IT processes based on complex events, available resources and workloads, while taking into account dependencies, without the need for highly specialized IT resources.

  • Restart with context  - When a process failure occurs, you can easily identify the problematic task and the cause. Once corrected, since agileWORKFLOW has a global view of the current state of your production environment, you can continue from that failure point.

  • Optimize your processing time  - With a global view of all your IT processes, you can maximize parallelism and reduce your overall processing time.

  • Easy to integrate  - The agileWORKFLOW connectors are developed to easily integrate and take advantage of native features of popular information management applications.
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