Your Guide to Software Selection

HCM vs HRIS vs HRMS, the Difference Between Them & Does It Really Matter?

When it comes to describing HR software — HCM vs HRIS vs HRMS — it can feel like a situation of “you say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to.” Analysts, vendors and marketers toss the terms around everywhere you look, and it can be hard to distinguish them.

Such systems have become increasingly complex — and increasingly useful — in recent years. Along the way, however, the industry buzz phrases have created a guessing game. What do the terms really mean or represent? Does each system serve a unique need in HR management? If so, how are they different?

Zachary TotahHCM vs HRIS vs HRMS, the Difference Between Them & Does It Really Matter?
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Dispatch Software: Key Features, Benefits and Recommendations

Ever seen one of those circus routines where someone spins a dozen plates on poles? Managing drivers and large trucking fleets is pretty much the same thing — except harder. With countless details to manage on a daily basis, you need a system to keep track of it all. Dispatch software does just that, making it a vital part of TMS software (Transportation Management System).

Hunter LoweDispatch Software: Key Features, Benefits and Recommendations
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Your Guide to CRM Lead Management

Running a business today can feel like training for the Marines. Consumer demands have never been higher. We want personalized experiences, answer to questions we haven’t even asked yet, quality products, flawless service … the expectations never end. In order to cope, companies turn to CRM software to help them manage the customer journey. And the first step on that journey is CRM lead management.

Zachary TotahYour Guide to CRM Lead Management
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How to Oversee Remote Warehouse Management

Warehouse management systems are a significant asset for companies that deal in product inventories or store products and materials in physical warehouses. Remote warehouse management software has brought enormous innovations to the process of warehouse management. Operations that rely on old pen and paper techniques are quickly falling prey to the hosts of problems that come with such methods. Why deal with multiple avenues of human error when you can remotely manage your entire warehousing operation?

Hunter LoweHow to Oversee Remote Warehouse Management
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We Compared Wrike vs Asana — Here’s Who Won

Wrike vs Asana … which of these project management software products wins in a feature-by-feature comparison? That’s the question we asked, and that’s the question we’ll answer for you in this post.

Our analyst team put together an analysis of these two PM systems to help you figure out which one is a better choice for your company.

Zachary TotahWe Compared Wrike vs Asana — Here’s Who Won
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Top Five Cloud Medical Billing Software Solutions

We’ve all been there at some point — sitting in a not-so-comfortable chair, staring at the clock as your doctor’s appointment is running behind schedule once again. A trip to the doctor is the last way most people want to spend their day, and the time it takes — from filling out paperwork to simply waiting around — doesn’t help by any means. Healthcare providers understand this and are doing whatever they can to speed up patient visits and improve patient satisfaction. One of the tools providers are benefiting from is cloud medical billing software.

The use of medical billing software allows healthcare providers to spend more time on patient care and less time keeping track of billing. From scheduling an appointment all the way up through payment, billing software automates the entire billing workflow process, step by step. As healthcare becomes increasingly mobile and information is needed to be shared between facilities, cloud-based solutions are continuously becoming the preferred form of deployment for medical billing software, as opposed to on-premise. Cloud-based solutions provide all the tools and functions you need out of your billing software without any of the hassles.

Evan HeierTop Five Cloud Medical Billing Software Solutions
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Payroll Software Vendors Best Dressed List of 2019

The storied past of payroll processing is long, and unless you’re a payroll history buff, it’s mostly very boring. Perhaps the only fun fact hidden in the history of payroll is that ancient Egyptians were paid in beer — among other things like bread. We’ve come a long way from paying employees in bread in beer, mostly due to the invention of paper money. A more recent development is the introduction of payroll software. If you’ve decided it’s time for you to introduce a new system into your business, then you’ll want to choose from the best payroll vendors.

Mariah HansenPayroll Software Vendors Best Dressed List of 2019
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Creating A Strong Warehouse Management System RFP

The time has come — your enterprise is in dire need of a new warehouse management system. Maybe you are just beginning your journey into the world of WMS, or perhaps your enterprise has grown to the point where your old software solutions no longer work. In any case, a pivotal step in the process is to create a strong warehouse management system RFP.

Hunter LoweCreating A Strong Warehouse Management System RFP
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How the Internet of Things (IoT) is Revolutionizing Inventory Management

The greater the speed, scale and accuracy of data collaboratively shared across supply chains, the stronger supplier networks become. The world’s best-performing supply chains, as defined by Gartner earlier this year in their annual Supply Chain 25 List, are all using digital transformation technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analytics in full production environments. IoT is revolutionizing every aspect of these world-class supply chains.

Louis ColumbusHow the Internet of Things (IoT) is Revolutionizing Inventory Management
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Cloud Based Employee Scheduling Software: Who Are The Top Leaders in 2019?

Building a schedule every pay period can be a daunting task. Much like a quarterback preparing to call the next play, you have to be aware of a variety of factors that could affect the final outcome. You must account for individual employee needs and reconcile those with the needs of your business — factors which can be in constant movement. Fortunately, the days of building out a schedule with pen and paper are gone thanks to cloud based employee scheduling software.

In the past, only massive corporations with a big budget could afford to implement employee scheduling software. However, with ever-advancing technology, scheduling products are far more accessible than they have ever been in the past. The rise of cloud-based scheduling systems have led to an increase in software implementation — but why? Let’s start by looking at what scheduling software is, and then assess why you might choose a cloud-based system. Then, we’ll discuss which vendors are leading the industry in the current year.

Mariah HansenCloud Based Employee Scheduling Software: Who Are The Top Leaders in 2019?
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What Is a Payroll RFP and How Do I Create One?

If you’ve started thinking about the mountain of work that is payroll processing, then you’re likely ready to automate parts of the process by implementing payroll software. When the time comes to select the proper system for your business you have a handy tool at your disposal to help you make your selection: a payroll RFP.

Mariah HansenWhat Is a Payroll RFP and How Do I Create One?
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Asana vs Jira: Who is the Winner in 2019?

Welcome to the project management software arena. Today, Asana vs Jira will square off in a showdown to determine which PM tool deserves to stand in the winner’s circle.

With so many project management solutions on the market, finding the right one can feel as daunting as picking the winner of the Kentucky Derby. Our goal with this article is to equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Zachary TotahAsana vs Jira: Who is the Winner in 2019?
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What Is Cloud Analytics?

Cloud analytics. Two buzzwords crashed together, that, unlike most other buzzwords, can have serious benefits and implications for your business. If you’re not yet familiar with analytics, it’s a subset of business intelligence, which is anything that can be considered knowledge valuable to operating a business. You might be familiar with Google Analytics, a popular web analytics suite, which is a part of a broader offering of business intelligence and business analytics tools.

Jason KellerWhat Is Cloud Analytics?
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Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics vs SugarCRM: Which CRM is the Winner in 2019?

If your customers aren’t happy, nobody’s happy. That’s one reason customer relationship management (CRM) software is a crucial component to your company’s success. Nowadays, there are dozens of high-quality CRM software solutions that make the CRM aspect of your business a breeze. But which one should you choose? The number of options can induce choice paralysis. Here at SelectHub, we want to make the process as easy for you as possible, so we’ve compiled a comprehensive chart for choosing a CRM system. Here’s our comparison of Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce Sales Cloud vs SugarCRM.

Compare CRM Pricing & Costs with our Pricing Guide
Bergen AdairSalesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics vs SugarCRM: Which CRM is the Winner in 2019?
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The Difference Between Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics Solutions

In recent years, organizations have increasingly turned to advanced software solutions to manage workloads, maintain profitability and ensure competitiveness within their respective industries. While there are several options available, business intelligence tools (BI) and business analytics tools (BA) are arguably the most widely implemented data management solutions. Business analysts and software buyers alike often ask what are the key differences between business intelligence vs business analytics.

Bergen AdairThe Difference Between Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics Solutions
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Most Affordable CMMS Software of 2019

Maintenance management is many things — crucial, becoming more advanced and incredibly diverse, just to name a few. But one thing it usually isn’t is cheap. Luckily for you, there are plenty of affordable, open-source and free CMMS software solutions on the market. To help you in your search, we’ve made a list of the most affordable and free maintenance management software of 2019.

Bergen AdairMost Affordable CMMS Software of 2019
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Time and Attendance System Features and Requirements Checklist

Time and attendance tracking is one of the most vital day-to-day operations of any business. It may seem trivial, but the management of hours is equally important for all members of an organization. Work times determine payment and benefits, influencing financial decisions. With the right time and attendance software features, this crucial function is automated and streamlined. An all-inclusive system can handle standard scheduling capabilities as well as more advanced functions like reporting.

Alainia ConradTime and Attendance System Features and Requirements Checklist
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IBM Maximo vs SAP: Which EAM Software Wins in 2019?

Flaunting your assets can have several meanings — but it remains true that to flaunt them, you’ve got to take care of them! In business, you also have to manage those assets in order to maintain their value and keep them up and running. Luckily, you don’t have to work hard to keep them working when you use enterprise asset management software.

Bergen AdairIBM Maximo vs SAP: Which EAM Software Wins in 2019?
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