Your Guide to Software Selection

Experience API or xAPI or Tin Can API?

What is API?  Application Programming Interface (API) is defined as “a set of subroutine definitions, protocols and tools for building application software.” In simpler terms, an API is essentially a language that enables different pieces of software to talk to each other. APIs also make it possible to move information from one program to another — for example, if you cut or copy something from Gmail, you can paste it into a Microsoft Word document.

Gabriel GheorghiuExperience API or xAPI or Tin Can API?
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The Top Cloud LMS Vendors

Generally speaking, businesses benefit from promoting internally more than they do from hiring externally. It’s cheaper, and those that get promoted often feel dedicated to the company, usually resulting in a longer tenure. But before your employees get promoted to higher positions, they have to learn the skills necessary to fill those positions.

SelectHubThe Top Cloud LMS Vendors
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4 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent

Oddly enough, one of the best quotes about corporate recruiting didn’t come from an HR expert. Instead, it came from famous oil well firefighter Red Adair. Adair captured the importance of recruiting in just 11 words: “If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs.”

SelectHub4 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent
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Amazon Business as Disruptor or Innovator in eProcurement?

The basis for most of an enterprise’s contact with their procurement team lies in eProcurement technology. It’s supposed to be a one-stop shopping solution for distributed buyers that allows them to make approved purchases on their timeline, at their convenience, without having to check the contracts in the filing cabinet.

Kelly BarnerAmazon Business as Disruptor or Innovator in eProcurement?
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2018 HR Tech Trends

When we think of science fiction, images of flying cars, robot butlers and hover boots oftentimes come to mind. It’s easy to forget that there’s science fiction for the business world, too. And just like our favorite movies, some fantastical ideas end up making it into everyday manufacturing and distribution routines.

SelectHub2018 HR Tech Trends
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11 Vital Workflows to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Automation Process

What current condition is your email marketing setup in? Do you have a steady stream of content being delivered to your subscriber’s inboxes, or are your contacts gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere? If you’re not using email automation software, or you’re reading this, the answer is probably the latter.

Gloria Kopp11 Vital Workflows to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Automation Process
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What the $#@! is People Analytics?

Data is everywhere. It’s in your job, it’s in your internet history and it’s even in your phone. There’s so much data, it seems to only come in one size: Big Data. And how do businesses use their data? With analytics. You’ve heard of data analytics, predictive analytics and maybe even prescriptive and descriptive analytics, but what about people analytics?

SelectHubWhat the $#@! is People Analytics?
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What Is Business Management Software?

For many companies, the term “business management software” is a bit confusing. After all, there are scores of planning, reporting and recording systems on the market, and they all have a hand in the process management of business processes. Is it a catch-all for ERP, CRM and EAM in general, or does it describe something tangible and specific?

SelectHubWhat Is Business Management Software?
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Features and Requirements of Production Planning Software

Companies utilize production planning software and related scheduling/optimization tools to plan on many different horizons. They do so for both short-term and long-term projections, and to handle inventories, bring products to market, and serve customers more efficiently. These types of innovative enterprise tools contain many different components that help project managers, executives and others keep tabs on what’s happening with production in a given environment.

SelectHubFeatures and Requirements of Production Planning Software
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The Future of CRM

The era of intelligent, integrated CRM has arrived. It continues to be one of the fastest growing categories of enterprise software today. From small businesses to global enterprises, sales and marketing teams are adopting CRM to deliver better customer experiences, acquire and retain customers, and gain new customer-centric insights that are changing their companies.

Louis ColumbusThe Future of CRM
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