Your Guide to Software Selection

3 Types of Warehouse Management Systems

For businesses that deal in third-party logistics (3PL), warehouse management is everything. Stock movements are the beating heart of this industry, so keeping a close eye on what comes in and what goes out is essential. Software plays a big role, as digital systems are the best way to prevent errors, increase transparency and control spending.

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Software for Sales and Marketing Alignment

When it comes to growing a business, there are certain objectives you can’t do without. The relationship between marketing and sales, for example, is a key part of turning consumer interest into tangible, profitable leads. You can’t invest more in one area than the other, because they’re equally valuable.

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7 Cutting Edge Business Analytics Tools

Business analytics is going through an inflection point today, and it’s being driven by the need to increase the depth of functionality that these tools deliver without needing a data scientist to support them. Organizations that are driving this inflection point in business analytics tools are also designing advanced technologies, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), support for Hadoop, R and machine learning algorithms into their applications.

Louis Columbus7 Cutting Edge Business Analytics Tools
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Top Medical Practice Software Vendors

For many physicians, the last thing they want to think about is what software their practice will use. But as much as you may want to ignore it, the software you use matters. The longer you wait to upgrade your administrative processes, the more likely it is that you’ll lose patients who want a more modern experience.

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Customer Onboarding – A Critical Part of CMMS Success

If you’ve started the process of adding a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to your operation, then you already know that it involves much more than a financial investment.  It also requires a commitment to the time and energy needed to ensure that the system does what it’s designed to do. What needs to be understood is that any CMMS on its own, no matter how many bells and whistles it has, won’t perform to its potential unless the users understand its purpose, value and method of operation. Without consistent and appropriate user involvement, a CMMS runs the risk of falling short of its intended mark.

Hippo CMMSCustomer Onboarding – A Critical Part of CMMS Success
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What are the Benefits of ePrescribing Software?

One of the more peculiar stats you’ll ever hear is how frequently bad handwriting kills. According to research conducted by the Institute of Medicine, 7,000 deaths in the US alone happen because of poor handwriting. That’s over 19 deaths per day because someone’s third-grade teacher didn’t instill the importance of legible handwriting. But compound that with the fact that we live in an increasingly digital world, and these preventable deaths are inexcusable.

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How Does Elon Musk Use Supply Chain Planning?

If you’re not familiar with the name Elon Musk, you will be soon. This wildly ambitious, deliciously eccentric billionaire is the real-life Tony Stark of the tech world. Not only is he determined to be the first to put mankind on Mars, but he’s also suggested linking human brains to computers, building a “speed of sound” transportation system, and producing reusable space rockets.

SelectHubHow Does Elon Musk Use Supply Chain Planning?
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Insights into Cloud Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chains are the lifeblood of any business. Increasing the speed and scale of suppliers is an essential catalyst for driving future revenue growth. With the revenue of every business, especially manufacturers, dependent on having an efficient, integrated and stable supply chain, the need for scalable and secure cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems is increasing. Logistics, strategic sourcing, and transportation are areas where cloud SCM applications continue to lead adoption. Companies competing in this area of the supply chain rely on geographically-distributed business models that thrive on tight integration, real-time communication and global real-time collaboration. Cloud-based SCM systems can deliver on these requirements while increasing the quality of analytics, improving data management and defining a single system of record for the entire company.

Louis ColumbusInsights into Cloud Supply Chain Solutions
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Manufacturing Process Software: How It Works

To be a successful manufacturer, you need to consistently produce at equal to, or higher than, your targeted rates. This must be achieved while staying within rigid parameters for cost and quality. In order to reach optimal levels of productivity and profitability, manufacturing processes need to be carefully enforced and perpetually monitored.

SelectHubManufacturing Process Software: How It Works
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BPM Tools and Software: The Ins and Outs

When it comes to business process management (BPM) tools, there’s a lot of possibilities for for customization and variety. For instance, even though the software is process-centric, it can mean different things to different industries and audiences. It’s common for businesses with identical goals to take on completely different modes of implementation.opti

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