Your Guide to Software Selection

Is CRM Lead Management a New Software Category?

Even experienced business owners can stumble when it comes to pleasing the target market. The truth is that you can conduct as many surveys and statistical models as you like, but, to some extent, your customers will always be an uncontrolled entity.

SelectHubIs CRM Lead Management a New Software Category?
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Software for Inventory Audits

Managing inventories and orders is a critical component for any inventory-based business. The inability to track these items can lead to delayed orders, lost orders, and in a worst case scenario, a loss of customers. Carrying out inventory audits on a regular basis is essential to ensure that you avoid any operational headaches. That’s why businesses have turned to inventory audit software to save time, effort and money.

SelectHubSoftware for Inventory Audits
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What is Succession Planning?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from a succession planning strategy. A succession plan process involves the identification and development of new leaders within a company, with the aim of replacing old leaders when they leave or retire. Succession planning typically involves the development of high potential employees who could become successors to the organization’s important leadership.

SelectHubWhat is Succession Planning?
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Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics

We live in an age dominated by digital content. The volume of data which modern enterprises have to process, interpret, and reconfigure on a regular basis is nothing short of massive. With the internet of things (IoT) growing more and more prevalent, the amount of data is rapidly increasing, particularly when it comes to supply chain systems.

SelectHubPredictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics
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Marketing and Sales Automation

Are marketing automation and sales automation the same? Not really. Each one has its own particular utility in the business world, and its own specialized focus. Both marketing automation and sales automation have become part of the evolving standard for good business. As technology advances, it leads to better analytics, more agile hardware platforms and more sophisticated software builds.

SelectHubMarketing and Sales Automation
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4 Key Changes in Manufacturing Technology

Technology supports and drives innovation. Recent changes in engineering and manufacturing technology have the potential to help manufacturers create better quality goods in less time. Expenses for manufacturers can be reduced by implementing this new technology while also becoming more competitive thanks to greater efficiency. Here are 4 key changes in manufacturing technology that have the potential to be game changers for manufacturing operations:

SelectHub4 Key Changes in Manufacturing Technology
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What is Mobile Workforce Management?

The idea of workforce management software has allowed companies to change the ways that they use their available labor in core operations. Specifically, mobile workforce management software has revolutionized the ways in which workers go out into the field to deliver products and services, complete key tasks, and deal with customers.

SelectHubWhat is Mobile Workforce Management?
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The Lowdown on CRM for eCommerce

The combination of CRM software and eCommerce operations is one of a number of merging advances in the business world that allow companies to do more to deliver products and services to customers. This type of enterprise software can be an especially vital resource for small businesses that sell online.

SelectHubThe Lowdown on CRM for eCommerce
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What is eProcurement Software?

Providing consistent service and high-quality products requires a streamlined supply chain that delivers cost-effective materials. While maximizing output and minimizing errors allows your business to stay ahead of the competition, how can you ensure your company procurement process supports an optimal level of efficiency?

SelectHubWhat is eProcurement Software?
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