Your Guide to Software Selection

Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools

We’re truly living in the age of Big Data. For modern businesses, information is everything. The more you collect, the closer you get to perfection. It is this relentless pursuit of optimization that is currently driving the distribution sector. Being perfect means eliminating waste, maximizing big ticket transactions, and keeping both eyes on the supply chain at all times.

SelectHubEverything You Need to Know about Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools
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6 Million Ways to BI — Choose One

Data, data, data… That’s all we’re hearing about nowadays.  Big Data, data mining, data scientists and the like appear at the top of Google searches and blog headlines more than ever before, and with good reason.  The business leaders of today, in every industry, have discovered how to use their data to its fullest potential.

SelectHub6 Million Ways to BI — Choose One
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SelectHub Grades the Top 10 Learning Management Systems


SelectHub, the leading provider of technology selection management (TSM) software, today released an update to their Learning Management Systems Leaderboard and Buyer’s Guide. The Leaderboard and Buyer’s Guide feature the top 10 learning management systems available on the market, rated on over 20 critical functional requirements identified by companies investing in an LMS.

SelectHub NewsroomSelectHub Grades the Top 10 Learning Management Systems
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Scoping Out Requirements for Your Behavioral Health EMR

Choosing an EMR can be very complicated, especially for specialties like behavioral health. But if you scope out your requirements carefully, you can find an EMR that makes it easier to share patient records, improves your billing process and makes health records accessible to anyone with a mobile device.

SelectHubScoping Out Requirements for Your Behavioral Health EMR
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The Future of IT Sourcing and Procurement

It wasn’t so long ago that the term ‘business procurement’ referred to the straightforward, uncomplicated purchase of corporate resources. You had a purchasing department, and it was responsible for sourcing essential assets – be they software or operational equipment – and buying them at the best possible price.

SelectHubThe Future of IT Sourcing and Procurement
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Cutting Edge Distribution Strategies

Every business needs sound distribution strategies to ensure that their products are getting into the right hands. With the advent of the Internet, mobile phones, and social media, there are more ways than ever to get in touch with your potential customers. We’ll go over some common types of distribution strategies as well as some you may not have heard of yet.

SelectHubCutting Edge Distribution Strategies
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Pitfalls of ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning systems, or ERP, streamline business processes by integrating the routine management of multiple departments into one software system. Large companies that need to manage their finances, supply chain management, customer service, and human resources often want to do so in a single centralized, integrated solution. Therefore, these companies turn to ERP integration.

SelectHubPitfalls of ERP Integration
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10 Leading eProcurement Software Vendors

Electronic procurement, which involves the sale of supplies or services digitally, was the logical next step in the field of supply chain management. As businesses strive to be more data-driven and agile, the need for scalable eProcurement tools that can integrate with ERP systems continues to grow.

SelectHub10 Leading eProcurement Software Vendors
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