Your Guide to Software Selection

Recruitment Software Requirements & Features Checklist

Reaching qualified professionals has become increasingly simplified with the help of online job boards and social media. However, this increases competition, and choosing the right person for the job becomes difficult with such a high volume of talented applicants. Hiring teams need to sort through resumes, schedule interviews, evaluate candidates and continually communicate throughout the process. Recruitment software steps in to automate these functions and streamline hiring procedures.

Alainia ConradRecruitment Software Requirements & Features Checklist
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Best Web-Based Medical Billing Software

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but the billing process shouldn’t! Medical billing can be confusing and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Medical billing software or billing modules within EMRs and EHRs can make the process a breeze. Plus, advances in cloud-based technology, you can have access to your software any time, anywhere. We’ve compiled the best web-based medical billing software programs to help you in your search.

Bergen AdairBest Web-Based Medical Billing Software
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Distribution Software Requirements Checklist

Did you know four out of five consumers change their mind about buying a product after reading a negative review online? And since there’s not a lot businesses can do to take down bad reviews, providing great service is one of the first lines of defense against them. This makes distribution support, a core type of ERP functionality, even more important in the digital age. Distribution software is critical for getting products out to your customer base in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

These systems manage the supply chain operations that support the final distribution of goods. But what should you be looking for when shopping for a new system? To help you answer this question, we’ve created a checklist of popular distribution software requirements and features. Use it to create your own list of requirements to help you find a solution perfect for your company.

SelectHubDistribution Software Requirements Checklist
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Leveraging CMMS Software to Transform a Company’s Maintenance Department

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have become the preferred maintenance management tool for a growing number of companies of all sizes and across a broad range of sectors. Companies adopting CMMS maintenance software have traded in pencil and paper approaches to facility management in favor of fully automated ones. These systems minimize long time lags between identifying a maintenance problem and resolving it. They also reduce the human errors and inefficient utilization of technician times that were previously associated with manually managed maintenance operations.

Reena SommerLeveraging CMMS Software to Transform a Company’s Maintenance Department
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Manufacturing Software Features & Requirements Checklist

Manufacturing is a complex process no matter the size of your operations. Maintaining shop floor control, allocating resources and managing finances are all tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis to keep a plant running. As your plant grows, these responsibilities grow as well and can become hard to manage using spreadsheets. That’s why it’s important to adopt the right manufacturing ERP software system before things get out of hand. In order to accomplish that, you first need to determine your manufacturing software requirements.

Kim O'ShaughnessyManufacturing Software Features & Requirements Checklist
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Best Sales CRM Software for Sales Teams

CRM software is a marketer thing — or is it? This common misconception is two things: not true, and hurting your business. That being said, not all CRM are equally useful to your sales reps as they are to your marketing teams. So we compiled a list of the best sales CRM software to help you make informed decisions that will help you make your customers, sales teams and marketing one big happy family.

Bergen AdairBest Sales CRM Software for Sales Teams
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Epicor vs NetSuite

We recently compared two Tier 1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, SAP and Oracle. But what if your company doesn’t need a Tier 1 solution? If you go with the big guys, you may find yourself stuck with a brutally complex software, hoping that your processes grow into your ERP software. Instead of taking that risk, it’s more advisable to go with a Tier 2 ERP that’s predominantly aimed at mid-sized businesses. That’s when a lot of companies start to compare Epicor vs NetSuite.

So if you’ve narrowed down your selection to Epicor ERP 10 and NetSuite OneWorld, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive and detailed comparison of the two systems to help you determine with confidence which is best for your business.

Kim O'ShaughnessyEpicor vs NetSuite
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19 Best Salesforce Alternatives and Competitors

While Salesforce is unarguably one of the most recognizable cloud-based software suites around, there are a number of Salesforce competitors and alternative that provide many of the same features and functions. In some cases, the CRM software alternatives even provide capabilities not available through Salesforce.

Bergen Adair19 Best Salesforce Alternatives and Competitors
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IFS vs Syspro

Your distribution ERP should unify your network, increase visibility and improve efficiency to reduce costs. So you might’ve thought to compare IFS vs SYSPRO, two leading vendors that supply enterprise software for distributors. And while they’re both excellent systems that can provide the benefits listed above, they have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the needs of your business, one distribution software vendor will be more effective for your business than the other.

We know software selection can be complicated, so to save you some time we’ve gone into detail comparing these two solutions and identified which has the advantage for each feature. As you get closer to making a final decision, the margin for doubt gets slimmer and slimmer. With our comparison, you can be confident the software you choose is the right one for your business.

Kim O'ShaughnessyIFS vs Syspro
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Sales Force Automation Software Requirements & Features Checklist

Sales force is more than just a software provider, it is the name for the process salespeople go through as they guide customers through the sales process. Luckily for you, there are plenty of sales force automation software (SFA) solutions to help sales reps do their job more efficiently. But wait, you might think, I don’t know what I need from SFA software! Never fear — we’ve made this salesforce automation software requirements checklist to help you get prepared for your software search.

Bergen AdairSales Force Automation Software Requirements & Features Checklist
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Features of Big Data Analytics & Requirements

What is Big Data analytics? Why is it big? These were my questions when coming across the term Big Data for the first time. Luckily for both of us, it’s a pretty simple answer.  Big Data analytics tools are exactly what they sound like — they help users collect and analyze large and varied data sets to explore patterns and draw insights. This data can be anything from customer preferences to market trends, and is used to help business owners make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Bergen AdairFeatures of Big Data Analytics & Requirements
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Fishbowl Inventory vs NetSuite

Undoubtedly, you’re already familiar with the massive impact small and mid-sized businesses have on our society and economy. And if you’re reading this article, you’re probably even more aware of the numerous inventory management software companies willing to cater to those SMBs. This abundance of choice is definitely a good thing, but products can start to seem the same with so many options. To save you time and energy, we’ve created an extensive comparison of the top features of Fishbowl Inventory vs NetSuite.

Fishbowl Inventory and NetSuite Supply Chain and Inventory Management are two very similar products with scores that differ by only four points on our Leaderboard. You’ll have to look closely to see which Inventory Management software offers you all the requirements your company needs. Use our comparison chart to see which vendor can provide more of what you need and determine with confidence which system is best for your company.

Kim O'ShaughnessyFishbowl Inventory vs NetSuite
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eClinicalWorks vs Allscripts EHR

A medical office’s duty is to their patients, not to paperwork and micromanaging every element of their practice. Luckily, there are plenty of options for EHR software solutions to help streamline your office workflows and get back to doing what you love.

Bergen AdaireClinicalWorks vs Allscripts EHR
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LMS Requirements Checklist & Critical Features Comparison

Hiring new employees? Promoting from within? Adopting a new system or procedure? Learning management systems (LMS) can benefit any business with a desire to provide educational and advancement opportunities for their employees

Learning Management System requirements and features are related to the administration, tracking and use of digital training and education programs. Companies use LMS software to help provide training and direction for employees. Learning management software can also help companies improve onboarding, recruit talent, improve employee skill sets and analyze performance across departments.

Alainia ConradLMS Requirements Checklist & Critical Features Comparison
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Enterprise Asset Management Software Requirements Checklist and Template

There’s nothing more important to a business than managing its assets, and we know it can be overwhelming to tackle. Enterprise asset management software (EAM) undertakes this task so you can get back to the business of running your business.  If you’re considering purchasing an EAM platform, it’s crucial to know what to expect from EAM vendors and to know exactly which features you need. We’ve made this helpful EAM software requirements checklist to help you in your selection process.

Bergen AdairEnterprise Asset Management Software Requirements Checklist and Template
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AdvancedMD vs CareCloud

Medicine has come a long way in the past few decades — but plenty of offices are still using pen and paper practice management solutions! You need a system that’s going to improve your workflow and streamline the patient care process. Two systems that excel at this are AdvancedMD and CareCloud, two popular medical practice management solutions. It’s tough to figure out which one will truly match the requirements your office needs, so we compare AdvancedMD vs CareCloud to break their features down side-by-side.

Not all medical software are created equal. Some offer better functionality for certain features. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a handy chart to lay out the advantages and disadvantages of these two great PM solutions.

Bergen AdairAdvancedMD vs CareCloud
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IBM Maximo vs SAP

Flaunting your assets can have several meanings — but it remains true that to flaunt them, you’ve got to take care of them! In business, you also have to manage those assets in order to maintain their value and keep them up and running. Luckily, you don’t have to work hard to keep them working when you use enterprise asset management software.

Bergen AdairIBM Maximo vs SAP
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JDA vs Infor

A good SCM software solution is imperative to a smooth manufacturing and distribution process. This is especially true for mid-sized businesses trying to stay competitive in today’s market while also looking for chances to grow their supply chain.

JDA’s Supply Chain Now and Infor Supply Chain Management are two solutions that are often considered by SMBs, but what makes them different? Where do their abilities overlap? As you surely know by now, it’s exceedingly important to make sure the system you choose fulfills your requirements. That’s why we created a detailed comparison of JDA vs Infor, so you can decide with confidence which system is best for you.

Kim O'ShaughnessyJDA vs Infor
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Supply Chain Management Software Requirements & Features

Today’s supply chains are massive, with the U.S. supply chain providing 37 percent of the entire nation’s jobs. In order to oversee these sizable operations, companies are turning to supply chain management software. This type of software allows companies to much more effectively source raw materials and control product cycles, automating error-prone processes and centralizing data for decision making.

Kim O'ShaughnessySupply Chain Management Software Requirements & Features
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