Your Guide to Software Selection

Top CRM Features and Functionality List

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) can carry a lot of the workload for business and sales processes. A CRM solution along with its native marketing integrations open up amazing opportunities for small businesses and large enterprises to thrive. Now more than ever, businesses need to expertly manage prospects and existing customers with great care. Using a CRM platform with the right features is an essential part of that strategy.

Bergen AdairTop CRM Features and Functionality List
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The Top BI Features Buyers Want in 2018

As your business grows, so does the amount of data you collect. Your data may become unmanageable, or the present state of your business may require deeper data analysis. The bottom line is you want to get the most out of your data, and your business has outgrown the system (or lack thereof) that is currently in place. You’ve concluded you need business intelligence software.

Alainia ConradThe Top BI Features Buyers Want in 2018
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The Top Cloud LMS Vendors

External hiring for an open position can cost businesses an average of 1.7 times more than promoting internally. Inside recruitment has non-financial benefits too ー promoted employees often feel dedicated to the company, usually resulting in better performance and a longer tenure. But before employees get promoted to higher positions, they have to learn the skills necessary to fill those roles.

SelectHubThe Top Cloud LMS Vendors
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Top Tax Form Management Systems

If you think about all the things that help you make money and cut costs, tax management probably isn’t the first to come to mind. But while taxes themselves aren’t profitable, there are still plenty of ways to save time and money while going through the process.

Kim O'ShaughnessyTop Tax Form Management Systems
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The Best Payroll Systems: Features and Leaders

Sorry payroll service providers, you’ve gone out of style. These days, a do-it-yourself payroll management approach with the help of software is the way to go. Payroll software tends to be cheaper, users have more internal control and changes are easier to make than with payroll services.

In a short amount of time, payroll software has become one of the most common HR software on the market. It’s used by small businesses and enterprises alike, showing that they’re universally helpful solutions.

If your business hasn’t adopted payroll software yet, it’s time to bow to the peer pressure. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle for any payroll provider. You deserve the best.

SelectHubThe Best Payroll Systems: Features and Leaders
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Best Work Order Software for 2018

When it comes to Field Service Management (FSM), managing your work orders is a top priority. Work order software provides you with real-time work order visibility for maximized efficiency and increased revenue. These systems make it easy to add jobs on the fly, reschedule jobs and maintain documentation to keep up with your SLAs. When these tasks aren’t completed properly, it can be more than a headache to sort through the confusion. Between technicians who need sick days, customer no-shows and jobs that run long, you need a system that can compensate quickly.

Kim O'ShaughnessyBest Work Order Software for 2018
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The Big CRM Software Comparison Chart & Matrix

Selecting the right customer relationship management software (CRM) can seem like an uphill battle. Wouldn’t it be better to just avoid picking one at all? No, no it would not. Because you want to manage your interactions with customers like the true champions that you are, it’s crucial to find the system which optimizes your workflows.

We get it. It’s a challenging process and trying to pick out a system that will meet all of your company’s requirements is no small task. First, there are literally hundreds of options to pick from and they’re all designed to address an overabundance of needs.

Bergen AdairThe Big CRM Software Comparison Chart & Matrix
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Top Cloud Hosting Requirements

With strong security, reliable speed, infinite expansion capabilities and incredible power, cloud computing offers an effective business solution that provides reliable, powerful and intuitive administration.

However, all cloud hosting providers are not created equal. Business should evaluate many factors before choosing a cloud or colocation service provider, including services offered, maximum data support, storage capabilities, security, user friendliness and many more.

Depending on your business, there could be literally dozens of cloud hosting requirements you’ll need from a cloud hosting provider. However, there are several common features that a cloud hosting provider must have if they are to offer your business a successful and meaningful solution.

SelectHubTop Cloud Hosting Requirements
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Enterprise BI Software: What is it, and What are the Best Solutions?

Not all business intelligence software is created equal. Sure, there are plenty of BI tools with great reporting, data analytics and visual functions. But just because a BI tool works great for one business, doesn’t guarantee it’ll have the same impact for another. This is especially true when you take the size of a business into account. 

SelectHubEnterprise BI Software: What is it, and What are the Best Solutions?
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