Your Guide to Software Selection

Empowering Your Field Workers with Field Force Automation

Many companies don’t know a lot about field force automation, and this particular type of enterprise resource is fairly new. Having an understanding of what field force automation is and how businesses use it can help executives and business leaders enhance what they do for customers, while improving both sales and customer service.

SelectHubEmpowering Your Field Workers with Field Force Automation
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5 Reasons You Need Employee Training Software

Employee training software is important to companies for a number of reasons. Well-established firms are adopting learning management systems and other tools to enhance the ways that they are able to train workers of all kinds, and people of all levels. With employee training software and a good training program, it’s possible to streamline and improve all of the ways that companies teach employees how to excel at their jobs, as well as how to comply with industry standards.

SelectHub5 Reasons You Need Employee Training Software
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How to Use Equipment Maintenance Software

Businesses in the manufacturing and industrial industries rely on their heavy equipment. Without proper equipment, they’d quickly lose their efficiency and productivity. But even if they have the necessary equipment, they need to make sure every piece of equipment continues to work at peak performance. Unscheduled downtime leads to skyrocketing maintenance and repair costs. These are unnecessary expenses that hinder the performance of the entire business, not just the facility holding the equipment. So how do facilities managers ensure their equipment functions properly? They use equipment maintenance software.

SelectHubHow to Use Equipment Maintenance Software
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New Survey Finds That Physicians Know What They Want From Medical Software, But Lack Time And Money

Denver, CO – New research by technology selection management site, SelectHub, has concluded that while medical practices know what they want from EMRs and practice management systems, it’s hard to find the resources they need to buy them. With more than 1,000 EMRs and practice management systems from which to choose, finding the time to select a system is tough, and planning a budget is difficult as well, respondents said.

SelectHub NewsroomNew Survey Finds That Physicians Know What They Want From Medical Software, But Lack Time And Money
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Is eProcurement Software Dead?

The idea of using software for procurement is tied to several successful technological advances in business. From enterprise resource planning to maintenance software and supply chain tools, many of the most valuable digital resources that businesses have are aimed at automating their most important business processes. Since it’s such a valuable process of several businesses, procurement is no exception. With that in mind, eProcurement software would seem a very common-sense approach to purchasing for nearly any kind of business.

SelectHubIs eProcurement Software Dead?
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Cloud-Based CRM or On-Premise CRM – Which to Choose?

Software deployment is like a boat trip — you never want to get too deep before choosing the proper vessel. Just as a canoe isn’t sufficient for deep-sea fishing, the wrong deployment model can hinder a business’ software solution.

SelectHubCloud-Based CRM or On-Premise CRM – Which to Choose?
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The Ins and Outs of Demand Planning Software Tools

In the world of enterprise resource planning and business software, demand planning tools are software programs that effectively forecast customer demand. This powerful capability allows businesses to plan better for future inventory and production. Demand planning is a common part of supply chain management and execution software systems that are aimed at enhancing how companies serve their customer bases.

SelectHubThe Ins and Outs of Demand Planning Software Tools
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ERP Advantages and Disadvantages

Whether your business is large or small, there are several advantages of enterprise resource planning software. Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP, is a suite of customizable applications that allow businesses to integrate and manage their most important processes. Although there are plenty of advantages, it’s not all 100% smooth sailing; ERP has its disadvantages, too.

SelectHubERP Advantages and Disadvantages
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Why You Should Pay More for Your Talent Management System

No need to lean closer to the screen, you read that title right: you should pay more for your talent management system.

Of course there are exceptions — if you’re paying something like $3,000 per user per month, your TMS is probably working wonders for you (or at least it should be). But if, like most businesses, your talent management budget doesn’t exactly fill a Brinks truck, you’ll want to increase it.

SelectHubWhy You Should Pay More for Your Talent Management System
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