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Talent Acquisition FAQs

Every business is only as good as its employees. You have to have the right employees on board at all times, or else your business risks failure. This means that you need employees who aren’t only talented and hardworking, but thrive in your corporate culture and share the same ideals as your business. These employees believe in your mission, your goals and that, in the end, your business will succeed.

SelectHubTalent Acquisition FAQs
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Achieving Digital Procurement in the Real World

Digitalization: Integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized. (via Business Dictionary)

With definitions like the one above, it’s no wonder so many organizations struggle on the journey towards digital procurement. The problem is, it’s not just one thing we’re trying to wrap our brains around: we need to comprehend digital, digitization, AND digitalization. Seriously?

Kelly BarnerAchieving Digital Procurement in the Real World
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Top 5 eSourcing Tools

Despite the fact that both sourcing and procurement deal with suppliers and purchasing, the two involve very different processes. Sourcing consists of spend analysis; finding suppliers; managing RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and RFx’s; managing contracts; and supplier relationship management (SRM). The sourcing process ends before the procurement process begins, as procurement involves the purchasing and ordering of goods and services from those suppliers.

SelectHubTop 5 eSourcing Tools
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Human Capital Management (HCM) – Resource or Asset?

The human mind is our fundamental resource. – John F. Kennedy

The distinction between Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) isn’t always extremely clear in core human resource literature. This also isn’t surprising. While many analysts would argue that the two disciplines are quite different, there are sufficient common elements and interdependencies that contribute to a flattening of the differences and, in some instances, the use of the terms interchangeably.  So a short discussion of the differences and similarities may contribute to a better understanding of HCM in its proper context.

Gabriel GheorghiuHuman Capital Management (HCM) – Resource or Asset?
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10 Ways Cloud Platforms Are Enabling Greater Mobile CRM Success

The inflection point of enabling mobile devices with greater contextual intelligence, data reporting, visualization and selling features has arrived. The mobile-first strategies of every major CRM provider are now in its third generation of application development, often configurable with easy-to-use administration screens by users in a wide variety of languages. Global adoption of CRM has improved significantly, thanks to the continued success of mobile-first application development strategies.

Louis Columbus10 Ways Cloud Platforms Are Enabling Greater Mobile CRM Success
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Essential Questions When Picking EHR Patient Portal Software

It’s time to revisit the much undervalued, if much maligned, patient portal. To date, patient portals remain an underutilized resource. But a convergence of trends may change your thinking about their value — especially when selecting or upgrading EHR software. To help with that process, we offer a 10-point checklist for evaluating a patient portal’s usability and functionality.

Dan GreenfieldEssential Questions When Picking EHR Patient Portal Software
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Challenges and Benefits of a Post-Merger ERP Integration

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become a key strategic action for many companies attempting to mitigate the uncertainties of the global economy of the last several years. However, from an operational perspective, they can present serious challenges to the surviving organization after the merger. This point is supported by numerous industry surveys that confirm that, on average, 75% of acquisitions are negatively impacted by low performance results post-merger.

Gabriel GheorghiuChallenges and Benefits of a Post-Merger ERP Integration
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Analytics Behind IoT: How to Give Even More Power to Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT): the buzzword of our times. The concept of the vast network of interconnected devices, from those in our homes to the ones in our pockets. But if we think about it, companies aren’t using IoT just for fun gadgets; it’s actually serving many businesses and changing the way they work. IoT has actually enabled a whole new world that’s truly improving thanks to the amount of connectivity. For example, think of activity trackers that improve your health, or connected home electronics that reduce energy consumption. Despite how much it already helps us, how can IoT go even further?

icCubeAnalytics Behind IoT: How to Give Even More Power to Your Business
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Free CRM: Should I Bother?

When was the last time you turned down something free? It’s probably been a while, and it’s also probably not a frequent occurrence. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff? As long as it’s of high quality (or at least passable quality), there’s no downside to acquiring free products. But that’s just the problem with free things; they aren’t always quality.

SelectHubFree CRM: Should I Bother?
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Business Analytics Is Creating A New Era Of Manufacturing Intelligence

The rapid gains in analytics, big data, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fueling a new era of manufacturing. Based on the rapid gains in analytics applications, technologies and platforms, manufacturers can gain greater visibility across their supply chains, from the shop floor to the top floor of their companies.

Louis ColumbusBusiness Analytics Is Creating A New Era Of Manufacturing Intelligence
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