Your Guide to Software Selection

Popular CRM Features and Functionality List

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can carry a lot of the workload for business and sales processes. A CRM solution along with its native marketing integrations open up amazing opportunities for small businesses and large enterprises to thrive. Now more than ever, businesses need to expertly manage prospects and existing customers with great care. Using a CRM platform with the right features is an essential part of that strategy.

SelectHubPopular CRM Features and Functionality List
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Enterprise BI Software: What is it, and What are the Best Solutions?

Not all business intelligence software is created equal. Sure, there are plenty of BI tools with great reporting, data analytics and visual functions. But just because a BI tool works great for one business, doesn’t guarantee it’ll have the same impact for another. This is especially true when you take the size of a business into account. 

SelectHubEnterprise BI Software: What is it, and What are the Best Solutions?
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CRM Requirements Checklist and Template

So you want to evaluate a few customer relationship management (CRM) vendors, right? We’re guessing maybe business has been going well, but your database is unorganized and marketing strategies aren’t up to par in order to grow. You may have decided it’s time to jump on the CRM wagon and utilize one, but you’re unsure how to proceed in choosing the right one.

Then, an idea sparks. You decide to gather feedback from fellow employees, stakeholders and important parties of the company to lay out what you need this system to do.

Getting to this point has made you confident and eager to buy a shiny new CRM. But there’s one thing you need to know. You’ve only just begun the process of determining the right system for you.

SelectHubCRM Requirements Checklist and Template
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Survey Results – The 8 Functions HR Management Software Buyers are Shopping for in 2018

HR professionals know the struggle all too well of having to do tedious tasks nearly every day. Luckily, solutions have come along to automate much of this work and have already lessened the burden on many HR departments. Today, the HR software market finds itself among the leaders in business software. With a marketplace worth over $14 billion and rising, HR management software has become one of the most important tools for companies to implement.

Alex JaumannSurvey Results – The 8 Functions HR Management Software Buyers are Shopping for in 2018
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Survey Results – The 6 Key Needs of Actual Marketing Automation Buyers

Marketing automation software has become an integral component of marketing budgets. According to an Email Monday report, 49 percent of businesses — including 55 percent of B2Bs — have adopted marketing automation. Additionally, Marketo found that 91 percent of successful users believe that marketing automation is “very important” to the success of their marketing efforts.

Alex JaumannSurvey Results – The 6 Key Needs of Actual Marketing Automation Buyers
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The Difference Between Medical Practice Management and EHR Software

It can be a bewildering challenge trying to figure out the difference between various software tools commonly used by medical practices and facilities providers. One common tool in an electronic medical practice is Medical Practice Management (MPM) software; the other is an Electronic Health Record system. They do two distinctly different jobs and help with different areas of healthcare operations.

SelectHubThe Difference Between Medical Practice Management and EHR Software
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The Best Family Practice Management Software

Every year your practice grows. New patients walk in through the door and you feel like you’ve created a great environment in your office. But you’re noticing that filing is starting to get messy. Your staff can’t seem to provide you with the correct medical records of your 10am appointment, and your headaches are turning into migraines. However, you recently learned how other healthcare providers are utilizing something called a family practice management software (PM software).

SelectHubThe Best Family Practice Management Software
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21 Salesforce CRM Alternatives

While one of the most recognizable cloud-based software suites around, there are a number of Salesforce alternatives and competitors that provide many of the same features and functions. From web-based CRM to marketing automation integration, these Salesforce competitors may be more robust than you realize. In some cases, the alternatives even provide capabilities not available through Salesforce.

SelectHub21 Salesforce CRM Alternatives
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Salesforce CRM vs. Oracle Sales Cloud

Customer relationship management tools can impact outcomes for any business, regardless of its size. By helping companies to identify customers, direct customer experience and streamline sales and marketing, these types of systems are very much in demand in the enterprise world. Salesforce and Oracle are common choices for cloud-based CRM, as well as two of our top recommendations for Enterprise CRM.  While the award-winning Salesforce is the leader in its field by offering an open and connected infrastructure and data tracking across all touch points, Oracle Sales Cloud offers a seamless experience and deployment, the tools for providing pricing to customers, and monitors customer satisfaction in real-time.

For greater detail, here are some of the ways that these options help businesses to improve in the 21st century:

SelectHubSalesforce CRM vs. Oracle Sales Cloud
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