Your Guide to Software Selection

Zenefits vs. Gusto

Zenefits and Gusto are two popular HR software choices that small to midsized businesses can utilize through the cloud. These handy comprehensive automating solutions are both examples of HR software products that handle payroll, benefits, compliance and more from a central accessible platform supported by the vendor.

Michael ShearerZenefits vs. Gusto
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SelectHub Releases 2017 Top 10 Practice Management Software Leaderboard

SelectHub, the leading provider of technology selection management (TSM) software, today released their 2017 update for their Medical Practice Management Software Leaderboard – featuring the top 10 practice management software rated on over 20 critical functional requirements sought after by healthcare organizations.

SelectHub NewsroomSelectHub Releases 2017 Top 10 Practice Management Software Leaderboard
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Tableau vs. Microstrategy

Want to compare Tableau vs. Microstrategy to see which is the better BI software for you? Both Tableau and Microstrategy have been actively useful in the BI space for a while, and have attracted their own proponents, while generating quite a lot of analytical debate. There is a consensus that each of these platforms has its own strengths and potential drawbacks, and that each can be useful in its own capacity.

Michael ShearerTableau vs. Microstrategy
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5 key considerations when implementing an HR system

This is a guest contribution from HR implementation expert, Lauren DeFilippo Gander, President at HR Software Solutions.

Is your company’s current HR system out of date? Do you have an online system for employees to use? Use the end of 2016 as the time to review your HR systems and practices. Decide if an upgrade is on your road map for next year. Implementing a new HR information system is an arduous, important task that every company should treat with care.

Selecting a system

Lauren DeFilippo Gander5 key considerations when implementing an HR system
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54 Expert Software Selection Tips to Pick the Best-Fit Software (and Impress Your Colleagues)

So, you’re buying business software?

Congrats! Welcome to the world of defining hundreds (if not thousands) of software requirements, interacting with a dozen or more people needing a say in your selection, a sea of regulatory and financial concerns, a dumbfounding array of software review/evaluation sites, very persistent vendor representatives and more.

A walk in the park, right?

Sadly, it’s not – especially if you want to select the right software the first time. And if you’re replacing a software, you definitely want to get it right this time.

Michael Shearer54 Expert Software Selection Tips to Pick the Best-Fit Software (and Impress Your Colleagues)
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Medical Software for General Practices

A general practice or family practice medical office will typically use a range of medical software solutions to enhance clinical workflows and deliver quality patient care. Although some of these may be purchased as stand-alone systems, the general practice office often uses a central platform offering many of the same specific benefits.

SelectHubMedical Software for General Practices
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