Benefits and Insights

Why use BMMsoft EDMT® 9?

Key differentiators & advantages of BMMsoft EDMT® 9

  • Massive Data scalability - certified to 1 Petabyte of data: that corresponds to 10 Billion Emails (100 KB each) or 1 trillion SMS or 6 Trillion typ. Databases records or any mix of it.    
  • Capturing data at rapid pace and in real time: EDMT® Solution captures and indexes data at over 1 TB per hour (equivalent to 10 Million typical emails or 1 Billion SMS or 10 billion database transaction - per hour).    
  • Low data latency: new email or document of transactions will be stored, indexed and ready for analysis in under 3 seconds    
  • Fast search and analysis : any pin-point search or cross-search will find results in sub-second response time 
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