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7 Critical Analytics Tools for Big Data

Big Data is no longer optional for businesses. The ability to quickly and effectively analyze large amounts of data and extract useful insights is made easier than ever by today’s advances in software technology. Businesses that fail to adapt are all but guaranteed to succumb to their competition.

In fact, according to a CIO Insight survey, 65% of executives in leadership roles predict that businesses that don’t implement Big Data into their processes are doomed to become obsolete. This isn’t exactly surprising. Big analytics provides countless possibilities for businesses to discover and understand the patterns in their industry, making it possible to quickly sort through and analyze huge amounts of data. This was impossible just a short while ago.

It allows you to gain valuable insights about the best approaches to solve difficult problems, helps discover promising opportunities for growth and can help you find new ways to manage resources across the company more effectively. All of this can be achieved with real-time access to insights that come from analyzing large amounts of data quickly and accurately, which is exactly what the top Big Data solutions available today can provide.

But when it comes to complex tools such as Big Data analytics, finding the right solution for your individual needs isn’t easy, because there are so many options to choose from. Business Analytics Software Tools can be a standalone software, or it might be part of a larger Business Intelligence software solution.

Today’s business intelligence (BI) solutions cover a wide range of features and tools, such as visual patterns discovery, data mining and predictive modeling. This goes beyond its traditional function as a strictly reporting tool.

Adopting these new tools is essential in order to reap the most benefits from today’s Big Data tools, but many businesses are still struggling to find the right solution that fits their needs. A New Vantage survey found that while 86% of companies strive to make data-driven decisions, only 37% say they’ve been successful in doing so.

Compare Big Data Analytics Software Leaders

So to help you find the right business analytics tools that can help you quickly analyze data and turn it into actionable information, here are seven of the most critical analytics tools for Big Data that you need at your disposal:


Board is a comprehensive solution that packs a ton of features, combining traditional business intelligence with business analytics, Big Data analytics and enterprise performance management.

Using Board, analysts have a complete picture of their entire business in one platform, allowing them to implement a convenient and efficient system for managing performance throughout all levels of the organization. With its wide range of reporting functionality, users can pull actionable insights from almost any data and quickly generate reports that can be exported in most of the most popular formats.

Another aspect that makes Board a comprehensive solution for Big Data analytics is the ability to customize the dashboard. The software offers convenient drill-down and drill-through functionality along with many visualization options, allowing companies to analyze and present the data in a way that helps you make informed business decisions quickly.


Domo has revolutionized how businesses analyze and understand their data. It’s pioneered the way as the world’s first open, self-service business intelligence platform that gives companies of all sizes the ability to see the big picture of their operations and quickly extract valuable insights.

Analysts can quickly navigate between different types of data and understand the impact that different parts of the company have on each other. This allows you to see the direct effects that marketing has on sales, or how day-to-day operations affect the company’s finances, which are just a couple of the countless ways that Domo can help you understand the processes that ultimately determine the success of your company.

Domo allows you to dig as deep into the data as you want. It allows organizations to analyze and sort data on all levels, so that you can gain precise insights about performance that can become the basis for effective and informed business decisions.


Hadoop is an advanced open-source software framework that allows for the processing of large data sets across clusters of computers, providing huge storage for data and massive processing power, which enables users to engage in countless tasks simultaneously.

While it’s a very powerful tool, it isn’t for beginners. It requires extensive knowledge of the Java programming language and takes time to fully integrate, but as far as Big Data solutions go, it would be hard to find a more advanced and comprehensive solution for processing large amounts of data in a relatively short amount of time. And since the amount of data that companies have to process each year is growing fast, the enormous computing power of Hadoop data processing algorithms is a very valuable asset.

However, an important thing to consider about Hadoop is that it’s not a traditional system. While the technology behind it allows for an unparalleled amount of data to be processed at the same time with different analytics workloads, the software also has data protection requirements that may be hard to implement.

Compare Big Data Analytics Software Leaders

HP Vertica

HP Vertica Analytics Platform is all about efficiency. It was built to help organizations sort through huge amounts of data and draw actionable insights that can be used immediately, without needing to sacrifice speed or reliability of the information.

It allows you to steadily grow your business’ value by exploring and analyzing all the different forms of data, including “dark data,” which is data that would be left unused if not for the extensive capabilities of HP Vertica. Because of this, many companies choose the HP Vertica software solution for their Big Data needs. Vertica provides a cost-effective, quick and reliable way to understand large volumes of data using its innovative architecture.

Panorama Necto

Panorama Necto 16 is one of the most innovative BI solutions that’s quickly changing what’s expected from a comprehensive software provider. What makes Panorama Necto special is its ability to provide users with completely automated insights on 100% of their data, even Dark Data that’s left unanalyzed by many of today’s solutions.

The software is able to combine accessibility and ease of use, which makes it easy to implement quickly for the everyday business user. This provides extensive business intelligence features that allow companies to sort through large amounts of data and discover insights that wouldn’t be attainable otherwise.

With Panorama Necto, businesses don’t have to rely on outside sources to gain the in-depth knowledge that Big Data processing can provide. It can help quickly discover both positive and negative trends, and even understand the reasons behind them so that decision-makers have all the information necessary to make the right calls.

Wala! Platform

Wala! Platform is great for companies that want a reliable solution that’s easy to integrate with any type of data, including log files, sales data, clickstream data and others. The platform combines this data with the most recent advances in data indexing, classification, clustering, in-memory analytics and semantic technologies.

Wala is a comprehensive Big Data analytics solution that can be used to assemble a wide variety of data-driven applications for CRM, analytics, search and exploration applications and others. It also enables companies to process multi-structure data in a cloud and on-premise environment, in addition to locating and analyzing insights that lead to better business decision-making.


Tableau is one of the leaders in the business intelligence world, and for good reason. For years now, it’s been a reliable solution for businesses that want an efficient way to transform large amounts of data into clear, actionable insights that can grow the value of the company and increase efficiency. What makes Tableau work so well is its flexibility. The software solution can quickly analyze data of any scope, format or type, simplifying the entire process and making it as intuitive as possible.

Tableau is also able to offer the ability to look at several different aspects of the company, such as HR performance or customer experience, providing a secure, fast and transparent way to have all of your Big Data operations seamlessly function in one platform.

Compare Big Data Analytics Software Leaders

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