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Key differentiators & advantages of SlamData

  • Embedded Reporting
    In 60 seconds, and with zero coding, you can build a beautiful interactive reporting dashboard that refreshes off live data. Wow!

  • Open Source 
    Say goodbye to vendor-lock in and eye-gouging licenses with SlamData's best of breed open source technology that be around a century from now.

  • Standard SQL
    Don't learn a new query language or settle for crippled imitations. Use the ubiquitous and powerful SQL you already know to query data stored in MongoDB and build reports.

  • Zero Relocation 
    Tired of replicating your data ad nauseam just to build reports? SlamData pushes 100% of all queries down to MongoDB, which does the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

  • Code-Free 
    Writing code to query a data source is so 1960s. SlamData lets you query MongoDB using SlamSQL, the open source SQL standard for NoSQL data.

  • Natively NoSQL 
    A normal database or BI tool would choke and die on your nested, array-filled, non-uniform data. SlamData asks for more thanks to the power of Murray.
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