Benefits and Insights

Why use AutoPal Loan Servicing Software?

Key differentiators & advantages of AutoPal Loan Servicing Software

  • Payment Integrations AutoPal Loan Software offers the most payment types of any loan servicing software. Our integrations will let your customers make payments with credit/debit cards or eChecks online at a customizable website that we provide to you, or through automatic withdrawal. We also offer an integration with PayNearMe that will let your customers make cash payments at any 7-Eleven location. 
  • Document Creation and Storage AutoPal lets you create and store documents within your loan and lease files. You can upload relevant loan documents, or use our forms creator to make a form complete with variables that pull in relevant data when you print it for any loan. 
  • Customer Contact AutoPal aids in loan servicing by giving you several options that keep you in contact with your borrowers. These include mass emails, text messages, and phone calls. You can also create emails and text messages that will get sent out automatically based on specified dates and loan events. 
  • Live Calculations The calculations in AutoPal are updated every day, for every transaction. You don't have to generate a new amortization schedule to see how things are progressing with the loan, whether more interest is being earned due to late payments, or the current past due balance. 
  • Presence of a Commercial Bank AutoPal provides you features that let you keep in contact with borrowers, give you a competitive web presence, and offer your borrowers ample ways to pay, making your lending company as convenient for borrowers as a large commercial bank. 
  • QuickBooks Live Connection AutoPal Loan Servicing Software has a live integration with QuickBooks. This integration will send over accounting infomration to you company QuickBooks file as transactions occur. Since AutoPal connects to your QuickBooks file via the web, your QuickBooks file will be updated by AutoPal regardless of where you are using our software.
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