What Is Business Management Software?

For many companies, the term “business management software” is a bit confusing. After all, there are scores of planning, reporting and recording systems on the market, and they all have a hand in the process management of business processes. Is it a catch-all for ERP, CRM and EAM in general, or does it describe something tangible and specific?

SelectHubWhat Is Business Management Software?
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Features and Requirements of Production Planning Software

Companies utilize production planning software and related scheduling/optimization tools to plan on many different horizons. They do so for both short-term and long-term projections, and to handle inventories, bring products to market, and serve customers more efficiently. These types of innovative enterprise tools contain many different components that help project managers, executives and others keep tabs on what’s happening with production in a given environment.

SelectHubFeatures and Requirements of Production Planning Software
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Pros and Cons of Open-Source Warehouse Management Software

Whether or not a proprietary or open-source warehouse management software solution is best for a company depends on several factors. It depends on the company’s size, what types of inventory the business deals with, how many warehouses the company has, who’s working in the warehouses and many other details. In general, companies need to do plenty of research to select the best and most targeted IT resources for their business operations.

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Why Current Software Selection is Scary

It’s October, and Halloween is almost upon us. As we celebrate with candy, costumes and caramel apples, we all try to ignore the things that terrify us. Ghosts, ghouls and goblins are running amuck. Vampires are feasting on blood, rather than teenage angst. And those of us in business — at least, those who are looking to improve our business processes — are faced with the greatest horror of all: software selection (cue dramatic music).

SelectHubWhy Current Software Selection is Scary
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The Best Enterprise Email Marketing Platforms

One of the most powerful tools in an inbound marketer’s toolbelt is email marketing. Creating fun, informative and engaging email campaigns is one of today’s most effective methods of gathering leads and retaining customers. As such, a dynamic email service provider is key to the success of your email marketing — and it’s even more important when you’re an enterprise.

SelectHubThe Best Enterprise Email Marketing Platforms
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Best Practices in Stock Control

Some people call it stock control. Others call it inventory control or management. Regardless of what you call it, whether you think of the materials used for business processes as stock or inventory, this type of operations management is important, and plays a critical role in a business that ships products to customers.

SelectHubBest Practices in Stock Control
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Technologies That Enable a Distribution Management System

Utility providers and related businesses use Distribution Management System (DMS) resources for several purposes related to tackling the delivery of energy to customers, as well as for other aspects of daily and long-term operations. But what falls under one of these important enterprise software umbrellas?

SelectHubTechnologies That Enable a Distribution Management System
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Top 5 Most Common ERP Modules

The value of an enterprise resource planning system (also known as an ERP system) can be summed up in one well-known cliche: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An ERP by itself won’t change your business. Rather, it’s the integration of various processes that makes it a robust software solution.

SelectHubTop 5 Most Common ERP Modules
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Open-Source CMMS: Is It Worth It?

Companies looking for computerized maintenance management software, or “CMMS,” can face some significant decisions — this type of enterprise software resource can be tremendously valuable and save enormous amounts of time, effort and money. At the same time, there are a lot of options to choose from, and not all of them provide the same results.

SelectHubOpen-Source CMMS: Is It Worth It?
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