Does My Practice Need Medical Accounting Software?

Most healthcare organizations would rather talk about patients than administration any day of the week. Unfortunately, those seemingly small and insignificant back office tasks need to be discussed now and then, to make sure your practice continues to run smoothly. Thanks to software solutions, many of these tasks are easier than ever to manage. However, the question that many find themselves asking is: does my practice actually need certain types of software? For example, do you really need medical accounting software?

SelectHubDoes My Practice Need Medical Accounting Software?
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What Is Digital Procurement?

The term procurement is a tricky one. It may be an essential process for businesses, but few have a full understanding of it. In fact, it’s often used interchangeably with purchasing, despite the two occupying different roles. While purchasing is a very cut and dry practice – it focuses on money spent and goods acquired – procurement is a much broader responsibility.

SelectHubWhat Is Digital Procurement?
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Warehouse Automation: The Benefits and the Tech You Should Use

Who has time for manual tasks anymore? Certainly not the warehousing industry. As technology continues to improve the speed and efficiency of supply chains, more and more tasks are becoming automated. Every year, the number of human hands working on warehouse operations decreases as warehouse automation takes hold of the industry.

SelectHubWarehouse Automation: The Benefits and the Tech You Should Use
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5 Benefits of Manufacturing CRM Systems

Businesses in the manufacturing industry need to stick to what they’re good at, right? There’s no need to focus on anything other than production, distribution and the supply chain. Let digital marketing firms worry about things like “marketing automation” and “customer relationship management (CRM).” If you’ve found yourself saying any of those things, you’re in for a rude awakening.

SelectHub5 Benefits of Manufacturing CRM Systems
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An In-Depth Analysis of Online Learning Platforms

Sometimes it feels like we never really leave school. Whether we’re three years into our career or thirty, there’s always more knowledge to gain. As the saying goes: “Never stop learning, because life never stop teaching.” Some businesses have taken this to heart, implementing online learning platforms to make sure that their employees actually never stop learning.

SelectHubAn In-Depth Analysis of Online Learning Platforms
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BI Software for Healthcare

Big Data and data analytics just may be the defining concepts of the 2010s. As today’s modern businesses attempt to become more data-driven, they adopt business intelligence (BI) software to make sense of all the data they collect. You’ll find businesses of all kinds, from financial institutions to manufacturing companies, using BI software to optimize their various processes. But what about other, more niche industries? For example, what about BI software for healthcare organizations?

SelectHubBI Software for Healthcare
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IBM Maximo vs SAP

Why doesn’t asset management get any love in mainstream media? Yeah, we know, equipment maintenance and predictive modeling isn’t exactly a “sexy” topic for your average consumer. But for businesses with equipment to manage, asset management is a lifesaver. And how do they stay on top of it? With an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution.

SelectHubIBM Maximo vs SAP
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Enterprise Marketing Automation

The modern business is made up of many important parts. Yet they don’t all share the spotlight. For instance, sales teams are the rockstars of a company. They’re responsible for locking in leads and turning potential into profit. They represent the end of the customer journey and, therefore, the last chance to influence its course.

SelectHubEnterprise Marketing Automation
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What is Supplier Lifecycle Management?

We all know about the benefits of making friends. Taking the time to cultivate positive relationships with others is a good way to enrich your own life. This applies to businesses too, because strong bonds lead to preferential treatment. When suppliers enjoy working with a company, they’re more likely to give them the best deals.

SelectHubWhat is Supplier Lifecycle Management?
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