Medical Software for General Practices

A general practice or family practice medical office will typically use a range of medical software solutions to enhance clinical workflows and deliver quality patient care. Although some of these may be purchased as stand-alone systems, the general practice office often uses a central platform offering many of the same specific benefits.

SelectHubMedical Software for General Practices
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What Does Employee Performance Management Software Do?

Employee performance management software assists human resources departments or other users in ongoing evaluation of employee performance and progress. It helps to bring new sophisticated digital tools to the process of figuring out how well someone does their job, and what they offer their employer.

SelectHubWhat Does Employee Performance Management Software Do?
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Key Service ERP Industries

Just like many types of production businesses, service businesses can also use Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software to help manage business processes and provide their services to customers. However, ERP works in a fundamentally different way for service companies — because there’s no product distribution, and a focus on assistance with some need rather than the shipping of products, services ERP has a different focus, and a different set of goals. In addition, the design of ERP for each segment will also differ significantly.

SelectHubKey Service ERP Industries
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Unique Industries Served by Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning software can provide specific applications for many different types of manufacturing businesses. Manufacturing is not a monolithic field — it consists of a whole multitude of different types of production businesses that all function in their own separate ways. Here are some of the specific categories of manufacturing that benefit from the use of ERP tools and resources.

SelectHubUnique Industries Served by Manufacturing ERP Solutions
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Understanding Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

Within the general field of healthcare, Software as a Medical Device or SaMD is a particular new category of software resource with a specialized role. Understanding more about what SaMD is and how it works can benefit a company looking at acquiring healthcare solutions.

SelectHubUnderstanding Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)
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Key Types of Business Intelligence Tools

“Business intelligence” is an incredibly popular buzzword this year, as businesses try to take advantage of big data analytics and make use of in-house data assets. But business intelligence is, in some ways, a broad and comprehensive heading for a number of different types of tools and processes.

SelectHubKey Types of Business Intelligence Tools
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What is Computer-Aided Facilities Management Software?

Among the many new forms of enterprise software making their way onto markets, Computer Aided Facilities Management  or CAFM is one of the most mysterious, and one of the most complex. For some executives, it’s confusing to try to figure out what CAFM is and what it does. CAFM also goes by the general term “facilities management” or FM, and is sometimes used interchangeably with the term CMMS, which stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System.

SelectHubWhat is Computer-Aided Facilities Management Software?
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