Process Manufacturing vs Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Those involved in the manufacturing industry know that one manufacturing process is not necessarily like another — and in this high-tech business world, manufacturing operations can vary a great deal. So do the systems that support them. The software architectures that companies use to produce products and materials should be designed to support their specific operations.

SelectHubProcess Manufacturing vs Discrete Manufacturing ERP
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Understanding Compensation Management

The compensation your staff receives for working for you is the “reward” they get for spending their time and energy to meet your organization’s goals. You need to be able to quantify the contribution of your employees and compensate them appropriately to keep them motivated.  Doing so is the basis of compensation management. Compensation management also involves facilitating the systems, processes, and procedures used in compensating your employees.

SelectHubUnderstanding Compensation Management
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Import and Export Compliance with Distribution ERP

For any company that distributes goods internationally, import/export compliance is a top concern. Import/export laws, standards and guidelines in various countries around the world add to complexity for these types of business processes. Customs work, accommodation of international taxes and tariffs, and significant documentation requirements often make importing and exporting rather labor-intensive.

SelectHubImport and Export Compliance with Distribution ERP
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How to Build a Learning Management Program

Did you know that only 8% of respondents to a 2012 survey say they love their learning management system (LMS)? This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many companies are unhappy with their LMS due to outdated interfaces, lack of customization, or incomplete reporting. Doing thorough research and identifying your team’s main objectives before installing an LMS can save your company lots of time and money in the long run.

SelectHubHow to Build a Learning Management Program
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5 Benefits of Inventory Tracking Software

Inventory tracking and inventory management tools are important for today’s companies. Having a targeted and comprehensive inventory tracking software can save businesses a lot of money, and help them pursue operations in a more successful way. Below are just a few of the major benefits that come with implementing these modern inventory tracking solutions.

SelectHub5 Benefits of Inventory Tracking Software
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Employee Engagement Software: A Smarter Way to Increase Engagement

By now you’ve probably heard of the rampant workplace disengagement problem.  Only 15% of workers worldwide are actively engaged in their work.  Although the US experiences significantly better engagement, with 30% of workers engaged, the number is still far from ideal.  A study by the Aberdeen Group headed by HR Tech influencer Michael Moon showed that companies with engaged employees take in 2.5 times the revenue of their competitors with lower engagement.

SelectHubEmployee Engagement Software: A Smarter Way to Increase Engagement
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What is Demand Generation Software?

Revenue is the lifeblood of any business. As an organization, it’s imperative for you to take proactive steps to engage with both potential and existing customers on a regular basis. Doing so ensures that you have a healthy pipeline to meet your quarterly sales targets. Demand Generation Software can help your business meet this objective.

SelectHubWhat is Demand Generation Software?
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Top Challenges of Field Staff Management

Many of today’s companies need to manage large numbers of skilled staff across various locations. They may need to monitor the work of a geographically diverse staff, a high number of remote workers, and/or a very large workforce. Modern field staff management software, also known as field service management, helps firms automate field staffing and make overall business management more efficient.

SelectHubTop Challenges of Field Staff Management
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