Dan Greenfield

Top Health IT Security Trends

The last couple of years set records for healthcare IT security breaches. As we approach the next year, we look at some top security and privacy trends impacting healthcare delivery.

The Equifax breach may have commanded the most media attention, but the last year was also a very busy year for health IT security and privacy.

Dan GreenfieldTop Health IT Security Trends
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Selecting the Best EHR Vendor for Your Specialty Practice

From a technical perspective, a specialty EHR may be appropriate. But don’t overlook key business considerations.

Selecting your first EHR, or switching to another, involves many technical and business considerations. This is one of the biggest technology decisions your specialty practice or clinic will ever make. It’s not easy to evaluate complex software applications, let alone sort through the hundreds of vendors each touting its self-proclaimed “best solution.”

Dan GreenfieldSelecting the Best EHR Vendor for Your Specialty Practice
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