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Bergen Adair is a Market Research Associate at SelectHub who writes content on Big Data Analytics, Medical Technology, CMMS, CRM and Automation Technology. She has had a love of the written word since she started reading voraciously at three years old, and studied creative writing at Colorado State University and Swansea University. In her free time she's usually reading (or napping) in a hammock, hiking with her dog, or listening to horror and true crime podcasts.

Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce Sales Cloud

If your customers aren’t happy, nobody’s happy. That’s one reason customer relationship management (CRM) software is a crucial component to your company’s success. Nowadays, there are dozens of high-quality CRM software solutions that make the CRM aspect of your business a breeze.

Bergen AdairMicrosoft Dynamics vs Salesforce Sales Cloud
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Medical Billing Software Requirements Template and Features Checklist

A medical practice’s job is to care for patients, not keep track of and sort out billing. That’s why medical billing software exists! But what do you need to look for in software for billing? Do you need Medical Practice Management software or Electronic Health Record software? Do you have one of these and still need a separate medical billing software solution?

Bergen AdairMedical Billing Software Requirements Template and Features Checklist
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Best Medical Claims Processing Software in 2019

Insurance claims can be the most stressful and confusing aspect of running a medical practice. With the medical insurance landscape constantly in flux, it can be too much to stay on top of everything with a manual system. More physicians and practices are opting for medical billing software that incorporates patients’ electronic health records, patient portals, revenue cycles and clinical cycles to streamline the medical experience.

That’s where medical claims processing software comes in. The best medical claims management software should have great claims management functionality as a priority — but not all of it does. That’s why we made a list of the best medical claims processing systems on the market to help you make informed, empowered decisions for your business.

Bergen AdairBest Medical Claims Processing Software in 2019
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Pardot vs Marketo

You probably hear the phrase “work smarter, not harder” five times a day — but have you taken it to heart? Are you really working smarter? That’s the core of marketing automation software, but not all marketing automation platforms are created equal.

When comparing Pardot vs Marketo, we must consider that these are two of the most popular platforms out there for marketing automation, and it’s not hard to see why. But how do the two measure up against each other?

Bergen AdairPardot vs Marketo
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The Best CRM Campaign Management Software Tools

Imagine your customers are fish. There are lots of fish in the sea, but only certain kinds that you want to eat — or, in this analogy, sell to. Marketing campaigns are the bait that brings the fish to your hook, where they can either be tossed back or sent down the sales pipeline. Designing a marketing campaign is like choosing the right bait. You want to attract a lot of fish, but you also want the right kind of fish. Marketing campaign management software by way of CRM tools with campaign management features is like a scientific research assistant that helps you study the fish, choose the right kind of bait, cast your line so it’ll land somewhere with a lot of fish and analyze what kinds of fish you caught and how to improve next time.

Bergen AdairThe Best CRM Campaign Management Software Tools
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Business Analytics Requirements Checklist

Your organization creates and collects an immense amount of data — probably even more than you realize. What do you do with that data once it’s there? How can it help you? How do you make sense of it?

This is where business analytics comes in. Business analytics tools fall into a subcategory of business intelligence and involves the methodical exploration of data to help businesses make data-driven decisions. It answers all three of the questions posed earlier and then some.

Bergen AdairBusiness Analytics Requirements Checklist
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Choosing Between Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics Solutions

In recent years, organizations have increasingly turned to advanced software solutions to manage workloads, maintain profitability and ensure competitiveness within their respective industries. While there are several options available, business intelligence tools (BI) and business analytics tools (BA) are arguably the most widely implemented data management solutions. Business analysts and software buyers alike often ask what are the key differences between business intelligence vs business analytics.

Bergen AdairChoosing Between Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics Solutions
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The Best Asset Management Software in 2019

Are you aware of the condition of your assets right now, as you’re reading this? An organization is nothing without its assets — but they can be a lot to manage on your own. That’s why most businesses use enterprise asset management (EAM) software to digitize many of the elements of asset management to improve efficiency and reliability.

All EAM software — a subcategory of CMMS software — offer asset management, but some stand out from the crowd for this crucial feature. Here are the best EAM vendors for both fixed and IT asset management.

Bergen AdairThe Best Asset Management Software in 2019
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Dundas vs Sisense

Knowledge is power, and business analytics (BA) give you the knowledge to do what you need for your business to thrive. But there are so many different types of business software out there. How can you choose just one?

Today we’re breaking down the pros and cons of two of the best business analytics tools on the market: Dundas vs Sisense. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading you’ll feel both knowledgeable and empowered enough to make the right choice for your business.

Get Pricing for Business Analytics Software Leaders

Bergen AdairDundas vs Sisense
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The Big CRM Software Comparison Chart and Matrix

Selecting the right CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) can seem like an uphill battle. Wouldn’t it be better to just avoid picking one at all? No, no it would not. Because you want to manage your interactions with customers like the true champions that you are, it’s crucial to find the system which optimizes your workflows.

We get it. It’s a challenging process and trying to pick out a CRM system that will meet all of your company’s requirements is no small task. First, there are literally hundreds of options to pick from and they’re all designed to address an overabundance of needs. Where do you start? How can you possibly know you’re picking the right one? You don’t have room in the budget to choose the wrong system. Even if you do, it might be just as difficult to get people on board to switch a few months later. So, yes, performing a CRM software comparison to meet all of your specific requirements can be overwhelming.

Bergen AdairThe Big CRM Software Comparison Chart and Matrix
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