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Bergen Adair is a Market Research Associate at SelectHub who writes content on Big Data Analytics, Medical Technology, CMMS, CRM and Automation Technology. She has had a love of the written word since she started reading voraciously at three years old, and studied creative writing at Colorado State University and Swansea University. In her free time she's usually reading (or napping) in a hammock, hiking with her dog, or listening to horror and true crime podcasts.

The Best CRM Software for Banks

Banks aren’t what they used to be — the days of stuffy vaults and high counters are long behind us. Banks of the modern age need a modern way to interact with customers, and customer relationship management CRM software (customer relationship management) offers just that. But which CRM software do banks use? To answer, our analyst team has compiled this list of the top CRM for banks to help you stay informed.

Bergen AdairThe Best CRM Software for Banks
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The Best Enterprise Email Marketing Platforms

One of the most powerful tools in marketing automation software‘s tool belt is email marketing. Creating fun, informative and engaging email campaigns is one of an inbound marketer’s most effective methods for gathering leads and retaining customers. As such, a dynamic email service provider is key to the success of your email marketing. But which is the best enterprise email marketing software?

Bergen AdairThe Best Enterprise Email Marketing Platforms
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Salesforce vs SAP: Which CRM Software is the Winner?

Choosing CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) can feel like one of Hercules’ impossible tasks: there are so many, some cost an arm a leg and a sacrifice to the gods, and did I hear something about an Oracle? All jokes aside, just like Hercules had Eurystheus to help him out, you’ve got us. While there are many CRMs to explore, we’re going to break down the differences between Salesforce vs SAP CRM.

Bergen AdairSalesforce vs SAP: Which CRM Software is the Winner?
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Epic Competitors: Alternatives to Epic Systems Software

Every day, more of healthcare providers’ success and operations rely on the long-term aspects of record keeping — from care coordination to treatment to revenue management, it is all tied to the records we keep. This world of EMR software (Electronic Medical Records) can be daunting. You know you need electronic health records, but how do you choose one? One name that comes up frequently in a basic search for EMR is Epic Systems software. We’re going to tell you about some excellent Epic software competitors and alternatives to help you make an informed choice in medical software.

Bergen AdairEpic Competitors: Alternatives to Epic Systems Software
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CMMS Trends: The Future of CMMS in 2019

A new year means a new you: and new best practices for your maintenance management! CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) — also known as enterprise asset management (EAM) software and fixed asset management — is stepping confidently into the future. We asked experts in the field of asset maintenance and management what CMMS trends coming years.

Bergen AdairCMMS Trends: The Future of CMMS in 2019
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A Guide to Understanding the Advantages of CMMS Software

In the modern era of voice-recognition virtual assistants, self-driving cars and smartphones, it makes no sense to be doing something as crucial as maintenance manually. Luckily, there’s software for that! Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System), to be specific.

Bergen AdairA Guide to Understanding the Advantages of CMMS Software
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Salesforce Competitors: 20 Salesforce Alternatives 2018-2019

Saying Salesforce is a big name in the CRM software space is like saying Christianity is a popular religion — it’s pretty obvious to most people who know anything about CRM. But it doesn’t have to be the only option. For those who may be looking for something else, we gathered data on the best Salesforce alternatives to help you find the right match for your organization.

Compare Top Sales Force Automation Software Leaders

Bergen AdairSalesforce Competitors: 20 Salesforce Alternatives 2018-2019
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Fixed Asset Management Software: System Features and Requirements

The ability to effectively track assets is essential for any company, no matter its size or the industry in which it operates. Every company that has fixed assets such as machines and equipment needs to ensure these assets operate properly. But managing fixed assets without a reliable system in place can have dire consequences. Assets that aren’t properly managed can go missing or get damaged without anyone noticing until it’s too late. That’s where fixed asset management software (also known as eam software) comes in. We’ve compiled a comprehensive fixed asset management features list to help you understand the purpose of fixed assets software and choose the right system with confidence.

Bergen AdairFixed Asset Management Software: System Features and Requirements
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What is Medical Practice Management Software? And How To Integrate It

Healthcare providers are everyday heroes — they keep us safe, heal our wounds and make strides towards a better quality of life for the entire human race. What patients don’t see is all the work that goes into managing a medical practice behind the scenes. The purpose of medical practice management software is to help providers manage every element of their practice from a single platform.

Think of medical practice management (MPM) as the Jarvis to your Iron Man. You’re busy saving lives and making the world a better place — do you really have time for repetitive data entry tasks? Of course not! MPM can help with those kinds of tasks so your staff’s time is free to save the world — or at least give out some flu shots.

Bergen AdairWhat is Medical Practice Management Software? And How To Integrate It
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Medical Practice Management Software Features and Requirements

You know what healthcare providers don’t have time for? Menial data entry tasks and the micromanagement of their practice. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about those things when you implement medical practice management software (MPM). But how do you know what MPM your office needs? First, you’ll need to know which of the many features of medical practice management you’ll want to utilize.

Bergen AdairMedical Practice Management Software Features and Requirements
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How to Determine the Cost Per Qualified Lead

Leads are the lifeblood of a B2B business, and they’re much more difficult to come by than they have any right to be. Finding the right balance between how much you’re paying to draw in leads and how much profit you make when those leads convert can be a delicate process. How do you know how much an individual lead is worth? There are a variety of methods to determine this key KPI, so let’s dive into a few ways to determine the cost per lead for B2B organizations.

Bergen AdairHow to Determine the Cost Per Qualified Lead
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The Future of CRM

The future has arrived — at least it has in the world of customer relationship management or CRM software, one of the fastest growing categories of enterprise software. We are entering the era of intelligent, integrated CRM, and the future of CRM is even brighter. From small businesses to global enterprises, sales and marketing teams are adopting CRM to deliver better customer experiences, acquire and retain customers, and gain new customer-centric insights that are changing their companies for the better.

Bergen AdairThe Future of CRM
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Construction Management Software Requirements Checklist

Construction projects are some of the largest, most important that we undertake, and managing them can feel like a monumental task. Construction management software can take that behemoth of a job and divide and conquer it into attainable segments. We’ve compiled a comprehensive construction management requirements checklist to get you started:

Bergen AdairConstruction Management Software Requirements Checklist
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NextGen vs Epic EMR

EHR and EMR software have a reputation for being difficult to work with, but some are definitely better than others. The question is, how much better? In a NextGen vs Epic EMR comparison, both are very popular electronic medical record software systems, but how do they stand up against one another? Here’s a feature-by-feature breakdown of Epic vs NextGen.

Bergen AdairNextGen vs Epic EMR
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Do Offices Need Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Software?

A wise man named Forrest once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.” While it may be fine to take that approach to your own life, you want to know exactly what you’re getting when you buy medical software — it’s responsible for other people’s lives! Understanding the difference between medical billing software and medical practice management software is a crucial place to start.

Bergen AdairDo Offices Need Medical Billing Software and Practice Management Software?
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Future of Electronic Medical Records: Experts Predict EMR Trends in 2019

Gone are the days of running down to a dank basement to find a stack of paper files when someone comes through the doors of a physician’s office. Electronic medical records, managed with EMR software, have revolutionized the way patient records are recorded and processed. But where is this crucial software headed? We spoke with four experts in the healthcare tech industry to find out their thoughts on the future of electronic medical records trends in 2019 and beyond.

Bergen AdairFuture of Electronic Medical Records: Experts Predict EMR Trends in 2019
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Best Sales CRM Software for Sales Teams

CRM software is a marketer thing — or is it? This common misconception is two things: not true, and hurting your business. That being said, not all CRMs are equally useful to your sales reps as they are to your marketing teams. So we compiled a list of the best sales CRM software to help you make informed decisions that will help you make your customers, sales teams and marketing one big happy family.

Bergen AdairBest Sales CRM Software for Sales Teams
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Pardot vs HubSpot – Which is the Winner for 2019?

If all marketing automation tools aim to do the same thing, they’re probably pretty similar, right? Why does it matter which one you buy? We’re here to explain the strengths, weaknesses and features of two popular platforms side-by-side (Pardot vs HubSpot) to help you make the right decision for your business.

HubSpot and Pardot are two of our top-rated CRM systems for good reason. They utilize marketing automation to attract buyers to your website via targeted inbound marketing. We’ve made sure to check the functionality, depth and range of both to ensure we’re highlighting the best of the best. Let’s see how these two compare when it comes to the most important features in our Pardot vs. HubSpot comparison:

Bergen AdairPardot vs HubSpot – Which is the Winner for 2019?
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What Types of Leads are Most Likely to Convert?

Leads, leads everywhere and not a sale to be seen. Sometimes generating leads can feel like a Herculean chore that leaves you with little time or resources and even littler to show for your efforts. What if I told you it didn’t have to be that way? What if I told you that targeting your efforts on the types of leads most likely to convert will save you time, effort, money and tears?

Bergen AdairWhat Types of Leads are Most Likely to Convert?
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