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Key differentiators & advantages of Vena Solutions

Align your entire organization with a single version of the truth.
Vena’s centralized database keeps your budgets consistent across the board and guarantees data integrity.
Your database can integrate with any data source, Excel or otherwise. This ensures your single version of the truth is complete and updated in real time.
And with automatic data aggregation and consolidation, you’ll produce budgets you can trust in less time by limiting manual data entry and human errors.

Automate routing, review, and approval processes to shorten budget cycle time.
Use our drag and drop process designer to easily map out and automate your budgeting processes.
Then, create and assign tasks to get your team involved. You can even pull in stakeholders at the right time with automated email notifications.
Once your workflows are humming along, you can track progress, uncover bottlenecks, and even change workflows on the fly.

Maximize data integrity across your budgets and plans.
Version control ensures your team is always working on the right budget document. No more failing to make sense of multiple budgets scattered across multiple computers.
And tracking every change across versions is easy with detailed audit trails. You can even use audit trails to revert back to a previous version in seconds.
Finally, give data integrity an added boost by controlling who can change what with custom roles and permissions.

Easily create and share decision-ready reports and models with your team.
Create accurate reports and models that pull from your centralized database for real-time analysis — no IT required.
Then, our MS Office integration presents the budget reports leadership cares about in KPI and Executive Dashboards. Sending reports via email is a thing of the past.
Managers can even log into their dashboards and reports, customize them, and run their own “What If” scenarios without leaving Excel.
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