Benefits and Insights

Why use Alchemize?

Key differentiators & advantages of Alchemize

Manage data growth effectively to reduce costs and improve performance
  • Manage growth of application data and reduce storage costs.
  • Streamline backups
  • Reduce the time to upgrade
  • Improve data lifecycle management.
  • Use a single solution across the enterprise

Increase Productivity
  • Reduce time to retrieve records
  • Improve application availability

Manage Risk
  • Keep valuable data. Keeping everything affects disaster recovery capabilities

Promote faster deployment of new applications.  
  • Easily deploy realistic ad hoc test environment with “real data” not made-up data
  • Use less disk space by not cloning the entire production database
  • Easily manage multiple test environments.
  • Minimize delays for testing cycles.

Enable compliance
  • Support data retention regulations

Lower  Infrastructure Costs
  • Avoid frequent server upgrades

Manage Organizational Changes
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures
  • Maintain Customer Satisfaction
  • Minimize cost of change
  • Retire redundant systems and preserve data for audits, requests, etc.
  • Comprehensive solution for consolidation and retirement across the enterprise
  • Remove applications no longer required.

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