Benefits and Insights

Why use Ponoko 3D Printing Services?

Key differentiators & advantages of Ponoko 3D Printing Services

  • Laser Powered Robots
    Our designers will turn your 2D vector designs into real products by laser cutting and engraving your designs on our beautiful flat sheet materials, with 0.1mm laser precision.

  • Same Day Shipping
    With a standard turn around period of 1 week (free), you can also order and ship your custom product all in the same day.

  • No Minimums
    You can order just 1 to get started, or 100,000 to keep rocking. And anything in between.

  • On Demand
    Order only when you need it. Eliminate your need to keep stock. Less waste this way too.

  • Free Digital Prototyping
    Don't spend a cent until your design and price is just right. Get quotes for your endless design iterations using our online instant quoting service.

  • Re-Make Guarantee
    If we stuff up, we'll re-make and re-ship your custom product for free. And we'll be so upset for upsetting you, that we'll flog ourselves for a week.
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