Benefits and Insights

Why use iMaterialise 3D Printing Services?

Key differentiators & advantages of iMaterialise 3D Printing Services

  • Production partner 
    i.materialise has 25 years of 3D printing experience and a marvellously dedicated team.

  • API 
    Integrate your application or website with ours. Connect your business to our 3D printing API (Application programming interface) to automate your operations. Supported features

  • 3D modeling service 
    These experienced 3D modelers can help you transform a mere idea into a charming 3D-printed product. Our forum has a dedicated place with a list of qualified designers to assist you.

  • File fixing 
    When you upload a file to our 3D Print Lab, it is automatically checked for printability. Minor defects are fixed and an instant price is generated. However, if your file does not pass the fixing process, you can get in touch with our support engineers. They will perform basic fixing operations and provide you with a price quote inclusive of the fixes. 
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