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  • From what we have seen so far, using SelectHub saves my team 20% of the time we would spend on the requirements compilation and vendor selection process.

    Matt Watkins, Chief Enterprise Architect, Molson Coors Brewing Company
  • SelectHub provides the speed of real-time collaboration on technology procurement in a world where the old pace of doing things won't get the job done. SelectHub accelerates IT unlike other tools.

    Rob Meilen, CIO, Hunter Douglas
  • SelectHub is the only product of its kind in the market that has a real time system of record, optimizes spend, and improves the time to market for the business around the enterprise IT vendor selection process.

    Jeff Kuckenbaker, CIO-GEM, Stanley Black & Decker
  • SelectHub fills a real void around IT Shadow Projects and IT Procurement best practices, it provides real time insight and visibility.

    Keith Sherwell, CIO, Sears Holdings Corporation
  • SelectHub is huge! It takes the unstructured process of ad-hoc decision making that companies use in expensive technology selections and turns it into a fine tuned methodology.

    Rajeev Ankireddypalli, CIO, Advanced Energy Industries
  • Enterprise software has been plagued with a disproportionately steep failure rate. Much of this can be attributed to fundamental communication challenges within organizations. SelectHub focuses on increasing success rates by applying modern collaboration and project coordination techniques to the software evaluation process. CIOs, IT Finance and Procurement leaders would be well served to take a closer look.

    Shawn Rogers, Vice President, analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates
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CIO Testimonials

  • Hunter_douglas_cio
    Rob Meilen
    CIO, Hunter Douglas
  • Advanced_energy_cio
    Rajeev Ankireddypalli
    CIO, Advanced Energy
  • Qep_cio
    Jamie Cutler
    CIO, QEP Resources

What is Selecthub?

A next-generation software platform for IT and Business to collaborate in real-time across technology requisition, evaluation and procurement.
A resource loaded with best practice requirements templates, powerful research tools, and evaluation scorecards.
A service to communicate and work with vendors at your discretion during RFIs, RFPs and Proof-of-Concepts.

Benefits for IT & Procurement

Benefits for Business Users

Minimize Shadow IT

Stop finding out about technology after it’s in use — be involved from the beginning with your business users by making it fast, easy and more inviting for them to work with IT.

Save Hundreds of Hours

Start your projects with SelectHub’s Requirements Templates and instantly leverage industry-wide best practices. Save hundreds of hours of painstaking requirements gathering and leave the heavy-lifting to us.

Scale Your Governance Model

Work smarter, not harder. Automate policy exception tracking and violation management, freeing resources from manual oversight and escalations.

Leverage the Wisdom of Crowds

Save time and reduce risk by evaluating vendors based on crowdsourced research and expert recommendations from SelectHub.

Compliance & Auditability

Automatically create a paper-trail of all project stakeholder and vendor communications for easier legal discovery and regulatory compliance.

Painless Collaboration

SelectHub Scorecards make it fast and easy for stakeholders to add their requirements and vote on solution preferences without being knee-deep in documents and spreadsheets.

Easy Reuse of Best Practices

Finding and reusing information from past projects is now a cinch. No more wasting time searching across documents, spreadsheets and emails.

Get IT Buy-in Early

Avoid post-purchase implementation hassles by collaborating with IT throughout the selection process. Move at your pace while satisfying IT’s process requirements.

Improve Project Success

Increase ROI and reduce shelfware by keeping IT and Business aligned and accountable during technology requisition, evaluation and procurement.

Vendor Accountability

Easily connect with the right vendors while avoiding being bombarded with their emails and phone calls. SelectHub automatically documents vendor promises during the evaluation, increasing their accountability post-purchase.

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